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How Appointment-Based Businesses Can Increase Revenue with Virtual Services

Yocale Meet – our integrated video conferencing solution – is here!

While virtual services and video conferencing aren’t new concepts within a lot of industries, traditional brick and mortar-based businesses such as salons, massage therapists, dog groomers and even therapists haven’t had much of a need to integrate online offerings into their business until recently.

That is, when the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

Since then, appointment-based businesses have had to find novel ways to generate new revenue streams, and one of the most common ways has been through virtual services.

As we move toward a post-pandemic world, many providers are making virtual services permanent (with video therapy being a prime example of this).

Of course, virtual services don’t only provide a new revenue stream; in some cases, they can provide an enhanced client experience as well.

Virtual Services: Toward a Better Client Experience

Virtual services – what we’ve coined “telecommuting” – allow you to provide an enhanced level of customer service, either by providing clients with the opportunity to opt into the convenience of a virtual-based service or as a means to provide a better client experience via consultations, support and so on.

While virtual services are not always possible, some businesses can very easily take advantage of digital offerings, with mental health practices being one such example. Indeed, research published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that patients reported a high level of satisfaction with their telehealth experience, which has implications for other businesses as well, including therapists or even salons.

When you consider how much of a commodity convenience is (think: Amazon), it’s clear that businesses should leverage this in order to provide a better customer experience.

How Appointment-Based Businesses Can Boost Revenue with Virtual Services

Appointment-Based Businesses in General

  • Expand Geographically. On a general note, video conferencing allows appointment-based businesses to no longer be constrained by geography, thus tapping into a larger pool of potential clients.
  • Virtual Consultations for First-Time Clients. Consultations are critical for any appointment-based business; not only do they provide a very professional first touchpoint but they also show that you care (while also ensuring that everyone is on the same page).

The problem is that many business owners rush through them or may even skip them altogether because they believe they just don’t have the time.

But proper consultations are imperative.

They don’t need to take long, either. In fact, just a ten-minute consultation is really enough. You can even send automated forms whenever a client books online to make consultations even more efficient.

First-time consultations are especially critical for businesses where clients may be a bit hesitant about the procedure (skin treatments and even eyelash extensions are just a few examples here).

  • Expertise and Support. Businesses can expand their offerings and/or level of customer support with tutorials or quick check-in after various services. The latter not only serves as a relationship-building tool but also provides an opportunity to gather feedback and even get ahead of any potential issues before they escalate further.

Beauty and Wellness Businesses

  • Event-Specific Classes. Perhaps a client is getting married but doesn’t have wedding hair and makeup in his or her budget; instead, you could offer a much more cost-effective alternative such as a wedding hair and makeup tutorial session instead. The options are endless.

Health & Medical-Based Professionals

  • Telehealth (Virtual Care). The pandemic brought telehealth and virtual care to the forefront this past year; with large investments in digital health technology, it is likely that telehealth will become the new normal
  • Meditation or Relaxation Classes. Clients with anxiety-related disorders might benefit from meditation or relaxation classes as a supplement to regular therapy.

Professional-Based Businesses (Dog Groomers)

  • Grooming Classes. For example, you might offer classes on how to properly brush and remove mattes for dogs with high-maintenance coats like poodles.

Introduction to Yocale Meet

And with that, Yocale Meet has arrived.

It will be available to users with Grow, Pro and Ultimate packages.

First, a few specs:

✅ Easy to use (one-click connect – no plugins or downloads or sign up necessary)  and works across any device

✅ Secure communication – fully encrypted (important for psychologists and other mental health professionals providing video therapy)

✅ Instant chat (one-on-one or group chats)

✅ The ability to share external videos 

✅ High definition video and crisp audio

But what makes Yocale different from other video conferencing options on the market today is the ability to annotate and collaborate on a shared whiteboard! 

(Plus, when you, the provider, share your screen, you can also upload a presentation which viewers can then download or simply view).

Benefits of Using an Integrated Video Conferencing Solution

There are many different video conferencing solutions on the market today. However, there are distinct benefits that come from using an integrated video conferencing solution, including:

  • Savings (Nix Your Current Video Conferencing Plan). By switching to Yocale Meet, you can eliminate any existing video conferencing plans and save hundreds of dollars every year. Another added benefit is that you have one less extra bill to pay.
  • Client Information and Notes At Your Fingertips. An integrated system means that everything you have stored in your CRM – client details, notes, documents and so on, is easily accessible within that same platform, which you can pull up on your screen. The result? More convenience and a more polished, professional experience for your clients. 
  • A More Streamlined Client Experience. Using an integrated video conferencing solution with your scheduler creates a more professional and seamless client experience from beginning to end. 

Instead of creating an ad-hoc client experience, you communicate with your client through one single platform instead of multiple different channels.

Similarly, you’ll save time on your end given that you can create virtual meetings directly from Yocale instead of having to switch between different platforms. All you need to do is click on an appointment, and the appropriate room will be automatically created. 

You can also set up recurring video conferencing links.

Wrapping It Up

Virtual services allow appointment-based businesses to expand their offerings for a new revenue stream while providing an enhanced level of customer service.

To sign up for Yocale Meet, message us in the chat button or email us at

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