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How to Deal with Negative Reviews Online

Despite being something many businesses fear, negative reviews do happen, even to the best businesses. Since negative reviews can have a damaging impact on the number of customers using your business, particularly if you have only recently established a reputation, it’s important to manage them effectively.

Although there is a tendency to ignore bad reviews, acknowledging them can actually have a really positive effect on your business and handling bad reviews can be easy. In this blog post, we will outline the best ways in which to deal with a negative online review.

1. Take Action Immediately

Instead of rushing to remove negative reviews posts on your site, take the time to read the review and understand why the customer posted it. Even if you don’t agree with what they have written, if they posted about a long wait or slow service, you can learn something about how others perceive your business and how you might make changes to prevent a similar incident occurring in the future.

Of course, if you have suspicions that the review is false of malicious in any way, contact the site and ask for it to be removed. Be aware that this may not happen immediately, so you may want to contact the person who posted the negative review in the meantime.

2. Don’t Respond Defensively

If you do contact the person who posted the review in private, ensure you respond publicly as well so that other customers can see the conversation. Assess the review and cool down before composing a hot-headed reply which everyone will see.

Take a professional approach which acknowledge’s the customer’s concern and empathizes with their situation, and even apologize if you believe this is necessary. You should also outline what you have done to resolve the concern, which will put you in a good light in the eyes of customers and avoid damaging your reputation.

3. Drown Them Out With Good Reviews

Remember that negative reviews make good reviews look better. Negative reviews not only show that the great reviews are legitimate, but also that the vast majority of people who visited or purchased from your business were satisfied with the results.

In order to obtain good reviews, ask customers to provide feedback on your website, either during their visit or once the service is over. Asking customers for reviews lets them know that you care about their opinion and that they are being heard.

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