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How to Use Yocale’s Updated Client Profile (2019)

If you’ve been reading Yocale’s blog lately, you will know that our scheduling software recently had an upgrade! Catch up here.

One of the updates is the client profile, which is basically a true (mini) CRM packed into a scheduling software.

Here’s how to use some of the new features:

How to Use Yocale’s Updated Client Profile

The updated client profile looks like this:

  • Filter and View Upcoming and Past Appointments

You can view both upcoming and past appointments by clicking on the “Overview” tab or on “Appointments” tab:

From here, you will then be able to filter all of the client’s appointments (both past and upcoming appointments) as you can see below:

Upcoming appointments can also be edited from this window as well. You can also see any attached notes and forms.

  • View/Create Forms and Documents

Another feature in the client section is the ability to both view and create new forms and documents.

To do do this, simply go to the “Forms and Documents” tab on the left-hand side:

You can add new documents and notes as well by clicking “+ New Document”:

  • View/Create/Edit Notes

Just like above, simply click “Notes” from the main tab on the left hand side.

  • Search, View and Manage Invoices and Receipts

You can view all invoices and receipts by clicking “Invoices and Receipts.”

From there, you can then click the down “arrow” and search by the filters (date, service, provider, etc.) to find the invoices and receipts you want:

You can view all invoices and receipts by clicking “Invoices and Receipts.”

Have more questions about our updated client profile? Call support at 1-778-986-2253 or email us at
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