Modern auto shop software made easy

Modern auto shop software made easy

Keep your auto shop organized and professional (all from your phone!) and work more efficiently so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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Easily manage tech schedules & workflows

A Smart, online calendar that lets you spend more time doing what you love!

Easy scheduling & tech workflows

Quick-add appointments, set up recurring appointments and do any rearranging with a simple drag and drop. Plus, view appointments by day, week, team or in a list format. Upon completion of appointments, technicians can close the appointment for continuous, real-time updates.

Automatic appointment confirmation

Confirm and remind clients of upcoming appointments by email and text. Get clients prepared for their appointment, from parking directions to vehicle information forms, and even have the booking added to their personal calendar.

Quick-launch into client history

View client records directly from your smart calendar, including authorizations, appointment history, forms, notes, receipts/payment history and even outstanding forms.

Manage multiple locations & technicians

Manage your multi-location auto shop from one central location complete with calendars for every location and technician. Plus, get custom “Book” buttons with a different theme or language.

Online Booking

Put scheduling on autopilot

Fill your appointment book 24/7 with the most loved online scheduling experience. Allow clients to self book with the right technician in a couple of clicks and answer vehicle information upfront for a 5-star, tailored appointment experience!

Smart-match automotive services (or appointment requests) with the appropriate technician booked in the right room.

Provide clients with a self-service portal to manage their appointments

Only offer certain services on Monday afternoons? Need more time for break changes? Customize your schedule.

Block time off so your calendar only shows when technicians and resources are available.

Trigger notifications via text, email and the calendar assistant so you can fill last-minute openings.

Reschedule with a single click.

Allow clients to book multiple appointments at once, like oil changes, tire rotations, and interior detail.

Save cards on file or accept deposits for built-in no-show protection and faster check-out.

Ask questions like vehicle information and collect pictures.

Link forms to specific services and send automatically. Forms will be saved in each client’s record.

Incorporate cancellation or other policies.

Require clients to complete and/or sign off on policies in order to complete their booking.


Auto reminders to keep everyone on track

Professional, automatic appointment reminders. Increase attendance and reduce follow-up time. Complete with directions, vehicle information forms, links to the self-serve portal and more.

Client appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows without any manual effort via automated email and SMS reminders.

Impress clients with directions, vehicle information forms to complete and personalized notes.

Clients will love the links to the self-serve option to reschedule, cancel and book future appointments 24/7.

Oil changes and other recurring reminders

Book recurring appointments in advance (oil changes) at regular intervals.

Send automated reminders in advance of appointments.

Clients can reschedule or cancel all on their own.


Have zero customers slip through the cracks

Smarter client management. Get a 360-degree view of clients so you can deliver more personalized customer experiences that make clients want to return. Score profits by exceeding client expectations.

Client profiles - service history, notes and more

Have a 360-degree view of clients at your fingertips. Store client details, appointment history, forms, documents, vehicle information, invoices/payment transactions, reminders, other documentation and more, accessible from anywhere you are, across any device. Plus, easily identify pending forms and unpaid or partially paid payments directly from each client’s record and follow up with a click. Unlimited storage.

Manage outstanding tasks

Easily identify pending forms and unpaid or partially paid payments directly from each client’s record. Plus, follow up with a click.

Track no-shows

Track no-shows/canceled appointments and tardiness at every appointment, which will influence a client’s trust score. Plus, see individual booking revenue.

Quick client authorizations

View a complete history of customer authorizations, including client comments and more.

Online Forms

Fast estimates and client approvals

Digitize with online estimates, client approvals and more. Even link vehicle information forms to the booking process for completely automatic send-out and filing.

Automate Send-Out

Trigger forms to be sent out depending upon the automotive service type and view completion status.

Plus, set rules like when forms get sent out or how they get filled (e.g. to new clients only) or make completion mandatory in order to complete the booking.

Monitor approval status

Monitor status of approval of repairs from one single dashboard and follow-up on pending forms with a single click.

Before and after photos

Create a form to record before and after photos for liability purposes.

Fast estimates (& virtual approval)

Quickly create estimates and get fast, virtual approval by signature for super fast approvals. Insert most commonly used jobs for even quicker estimates.

Digital vehicle inspections

Build trust with clients by taking pictures of recommended services (and marking them up as necessary) and then send to clients with a click - from any device! Let clients e-sign and then have the approval automatically saved within each client’s profile.

Slick ready-made templates

Save time and quick-start by creating forms from ready-made templates. Pre-made forms can be further customized however you’d like, all with a simple drag and drop.


Auto estimates & invoices, fast check-out

Streamline payment, from estimates to invoices to final payment. Also reduce your payment processing fees with wholesale rates and get reports to keep your automotive shop on track.

Automatic estimates

Spend less time on the phone by auto-generating estimates. Send them to clients with a single click.

Automatic receipts & 1-click payments

Auto-generate receipts and process payments in a click – all from your Yocale smart calendar. Easily add additional items like retail products or ad-hoc services with a drag and drop and process with a click. Save cards on file for even faster future payments and/or to protect against last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

Upfront payments

Protect against no-shows (and get paid faster) by accepting upfront payments during the online booking process. Or, email receipts with the pay button so clients can pay at their leisure.

Modern POS Hardware

Wholesale rates & sleek, modern hardware

Reduce payment processing fees by up to 67% with wholesale rates. Also accept payments on a range of industry-leading, reliable hardware with optional advanced reporting, inventory management and other add-ons.

Online payments

Streamline pick-up by allowing clients to pay online.

Daily sales & easy reconciliation

See a daily invoice list to help reconcile your cash registry; customer, vehicle, invoice and payment data is kept together. Also track whether payments come through cash, Stripe, a physical card terminal or others.

Google Reserve

The auto industry’s favorite feature

Get booked straight from the biggest search engine in the world for up to 64% more bookings. Allow Google users to view your availability and book you straight from Google search and Maps.

Speed-boosting, 1-click booking

Allow clients to book appointments in a single click.

*Subject to Google approvals and terms and conditions*

A mega Google Business Profile

Make your Google Business Profile stand out by allowing clients to book appointments straight from Google search and Google Maps.


Built-in marketing to grow your auto shop

Built-in marketing. Bring in more customers with zero effort

Google bookings (RWG)

Increase your bookings by up to 86% and set yourself apart from the competition by adding a Google “Book” button to your Google My Business page. You’ll get booked straight from the biggest search engine in the world or via Google Maps, with new Google bookings placed right on your Yocale booking calendar.

An SEO-optimized public booking page

Grow your online presence with an SEO-optimized web profile page on Yocale Marketplace that will bring you higher up in Google search results so clients find you online. If you’re just starting out, have your public profile booking page act as your own website!

“Book now” buttons

Appear higher in Google search results by adding “Book Now” buttons to your website and booking links on your social media channels. Book buttons also make it easier for clients to book more appointments online and help fill your schedule 24/7.

Built-in marketing & Packages

Display promos, communicate changes to hours or any other memo directly from the online booking screen. Plus, use forms to keep track of packages, discounts and special rates to keep clients coming back.

Automatic reviews

Automatically request reviews after each appointment to build your online presence. You’ll get notified with the added flexibility to approve them before they’re live.