Virtual Health Care Scheduling Software

Virtual Health Care Scheduling Software

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Free online scheduling software

Online Scheduling

Let your virtual health care patients book online appointments with you 24/7. Allow your patients to schedule and reschedule from any device, at their convenience.

Free online scheduling software

Patient Management

View your patient details, appointment history, receipts, notes and more, making every appointment personalized and store the information that matters.

Free online scheduling software

Video Conferencing

Let patients easily join into their appointment from anywhere on any device. With one-click sharing, patients can easily be connected right into your appointment.


Privacy Priority

Feel secure with HIPAA, PHIPAA, PIPEDA & HITECH compliancy through a 256-bit AES encryption.  

Virtual Health Care Scheduling Software, Tailored For You

If you are running any kind of remote health based virtual care business, our virtual health care scheduling software is made for your business and catered to your everyday usage. Find out why Yocale is the best online scheduling software made for virtual health care business owners just like you!

Virtual Health Care Yocale Meet

Video Conferencing & Instant Chat

Grow the reach of your practice and engage your patients from anywhere with video conferencing or instant chat appointments.

Video conference through your calendar with Yocale Meet and let your patients seamlessly join with no downloads, plug-ins or extensions required.

Smart & Easy Calendar

Make calendar appointment management smarter with the easiest to use calendar on the market. Completely customizable to look and feel just the way you need for your daily needs.

Yocale takes the fuss out of managing your virtual health care appointments and makes it incredibly simple and easy with our customizable scheduler. See everything that is happening at a glance, from what staff is working to what days have available time slots and customize it the way you want.

Free online scheduling software
Free online scheduling software

Robust Online Scheduling

Keep your business open 24/7 by offering online appointments, bookable from any device. Give your customers the self-service options to schedule and reschedule appointments from any device, at their convenience. 

Or if you want to offer online booking but still have flexibility? Leverage the power of online booking by allowing your virtual health care patients to request appointments instead, which you can accept, decline or propose a new time.

Omni-Channel Online Booking

Yocale allows you to open your booking schedule up to potential patients through multiple avenues to help maximize your virtual health care bookings.

Let yourself be booked through your website, Google, Yocale’s marketplace, social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and anywhere else you want patients to book you through.

Your All-In-One Scheduling Solution

From Calendar management, online scheduling, patient management, payments and more, Yocale has you covered from A-Z and ready to handle your everyday needs to help streamline your virtual health care business or help grow your bottom line.

Free online scheduling software
Business Saas Tools

Configurable Scheduling & Booking Rules

Use Yocale’s scheduling and booking rules to intelligently handle your custom appointment parameters. With configurable rules, you can ensure that your booking policies and guidelines are respected during the patient booking process.

Simple & Effective CRM

The secret to customer loyalty? Knowing your customers – and having this information easily accessible. Yocale makes it easy to track patients details via individual patient profiles so that you can deliver more personalized customer service and make your virtual health care patients remember you.

Free online scheduling software

Free Form Builder

Easily build custom patient forms for your massage forms, consent forms, treatment forms etc. Let your patients fill them out before appointments or complete them after their visit.

Easily store these forms all within your patient profile so you can access them when needed.

Timely Email & SMS Reminders

Virtual health care businesses lose thousands and thousands of dollars every single year due to no-shows, make sure yours isn’t one of them! Yocale’s unlimited email and text (SMS) reminders reduce no-shows by 80%, saving your business thousands of dollars year after year.

Automate your reminders while saving your business thousands of dollars on no-shows every single year.

Free Online Scheduling Software
Free online scheduling software

Document Attachment

Yocale’s document attachment allows you to easily upload files and documents right into your patient profile and keep everything right in one place.

Create comprehensive patient profiles by attaching images, before/after’s and other files to them.

Neat & Tidy Patient Notes

Yocale makes it easy to keep your important patient notes and information all in one place. With Yocale’s individual patient profile, keeping your appointment notes, neat and organized.

Keep all of your virtual health care patient notes in order and keep them secure. Have secure detailed notes of your patients visits and always accessible across your devices.

Free online scheduling software

Powered Anywhere You Are

With your business on Yocale’s cloud, you can access your business from anywhere, at anytime, from any device. 

Easily have access to your virtual health care scheduling and appointments no matter where or when you need it. 

2-Way Calendar Sync

2-way external calendar syncing allows you to easily connect your Yocale to other calendars to easily create and update appointments in one, and have it sync in another.

Don’t let double bookings and other scheduling errors happen to you. By syncing your calendar with Google Cal, iCal and Outlook, Yocale keeps your calendar up to date and helps eliminate scheduling errors for your banking and finance business

Real-Time Reporting

Get an up-to-the-minute view of the your most important business insights, from sales numbers to new patient bookings to your marketing promotion results so that you always make the best decisions.

Get tailored reports of your virtual health care business with custom reports based on the criteria you determine.

Free online scheduling software

Mega Marketing

Stay connected with automated marketing that drives results and saves you time – without having to be an expert. Yocale’s automated marketing features, from email marketing to patient reminders, build stronger relationships with your virtual health care patients and helps increase your profits without the effort.

Email is the most profitable channel to connect with your customers. Yocale’s email marketing tools drives results and automates much of the process so that your business makes more money and saves more time.

Integrations For All 

Get the most out of Yocale by integrating your calendar with the other apps your use everyday. This helps streamline your virtual health care business operations and makes for an efficient workday.

Create a more streamlined workflow with the capability of connecting other softwares right into your Yocale calendar. See how many possibilities you can create!

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Ultimate - $80/Month

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Online Scheduling Software
Online Scheduling Software
Online Scheduling Software
Online Scheduling Software
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