Yocale Online Scheduling & Microsoft Outlook

Yocale Scheduling + Microsoft Outlook Integration

Yocale online scheduling is your digital calendar and virtual assistant – Yocale & Microsoft Outlooks seamless integration makes your day that much easier

About Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Outlook is an easy tool to help you stay organized by connecting your email, calendar, contacts and tasks all in one place
  • Send, Receive and manage your email
  • Schedule, and manage appointments, events and meetings
  • Keep your contacts updated and synced across platforms
  • Prioritize your tasks within Outlook with Microsoft To-Do
  • Keep everything safe and secure through enterprise grade Azure encryption
  • Connect and sync with other Microsoft 365 suite tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Skype
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Connect Yocale + Outlook

Integrate your Microsoft Outlook account to your Yocale account below
Yocale + Microsoft Connect

Integration Highlights

  • Seamlessly connect and sync your Yocale and Outlook calendars
  • Never miss a calendar update if you have appointments in multiple calendars, let the synchronization keep you and your calendars aligned!
  • All your Outlook appointments/time-offs & meetings get pushed into your Yocale calendar 
  • All your Yocale appointments get pushed in your Outlook calendar with all the client and appointment information