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Nobody Answering your Emails? Do This

If it feels like all your emails are ending up in the land of abyss, the place where the digital data of all your well planned words fade into ineffective nothingness?  We all know, everybody’s email inbox is currently their most cluttered and demanding communication center in their lives, so it’s understandable that emails get missed and unimportant ones are simply not acknowledged.  With texts, there is an element of urgency to reply right away (here’s what happens when you don’t!) but with emails, there is less pressure to reply right away, so often emails sit in inboxes, unanswered and forgotten.

Here’s 3 things do right away to increase your response rate and be more effective with your emails.
  1. Add a click notification/email tracking application to your inbox.

    This will send you a notification when your email is opened and if any of the links in it are clicked.  The receiver doesn’t know you know this, unless THEY have a click-notification tracker – but I wouldn’t be worried about that, few people have it and the ones who do are mostly on the lookout for virus’, if you’re not sending them, you’re safe.

  2. Keep your emails short!

    The shorter and more intriguing the Subject, and then the less wordy the body of the email is, with the most important points highlighted right away – the better.  Think of it in “texting” terms, not the traditional long-form letter writing.

  3. Give an easy, specific action or reply required for the receiver.

    If you tell them exactly what you need to them to do, say or decide and even suggest they hit “Reply” right away they are much more likely to take that painless action right away then leave it in their inbox, un-dealt with.  Everyone loves the satisfaction of “taking care of business” so make it as easy as possible! They get to “get things done” and you get an answer. [bctt tweet=”Everyone loves the satisfaction of “taking care of business” so make it as easy as possible! #emailmarketing”]

Try implementing these 3 simple steps right away. That’s right, go to your inbox and add the click notification, then draft the shortest, most to-the-point email possible and create an “action-request” as your closer.

And one more thing,

Don’t be afraid to follow up on your follow ups. You might be telling yourself, “Oh, I already emailed them” or “I don’t want to bother them again.” Falling prey to this thinking could cost you sales or responses. Don’t be afraid to send more messages — more often than not your prospects will thank you for the reminder.  We all live busy lives and sometimes we need 3 reminders to finally get to an Action!

Feel free to comment any other email tips that have helped you get the responses you need.

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