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Know Your Customers Before Meeting Them: Revolutionary Form Feature

You asked, we listened.

Yocale’s Form feature is making a comeback with a fresh new look and promising enhancements, we guarantee it.  

When you value your clients time by preparing for their appointments in advance, you’ve already created a competitive advantage. In this article, we will focus on the forms features and ways to apply its smashing abilities in your day to day operations and to strengthen your overall management skills. For an introduction on Form Overview and Access, click the link. 

Now, let’s dig in to its revolutionary features.

Form Management

Access all forms and submissions in one place to better manage client information and appointments. Watch this quick tutorial to see our vision of Form Management come to life! 

There is nothing more dissatisfying than going to your (family) doctor and feeling negligible as they barely remember your name, let alone any recognition of your medical history. Avoid this negative experience and safely store all your client records to be easily accessible in one place, and paperless. 

In the Form Management tool section, You can view all submissions, pending submissions, completed submission and client details. Each are categorized with their own unique colour to easily distinguish between the different type or status.  From here, you can directly access Kiosk Mode and send follow up reminders to your clients, inter alia.

Customize Template Builder

Whether your line of work requires you to obtain an excessive amount of client information or you simply need to obtain your client’s consent, we’ve got you covered. 

Using Yocale’s professional template, you will be able to customize as many document types as your services require.  The customized template feature will be available in our next release but in the meantime, our team is ready to customize any kind of form template you need. 

Let’s visualize this scenario;  You are a cosmetic doctor, and a new client is coming to see you for for botox (she might want some lip fillers, too).  It’s her first time! 

To save your energy and the amount of time it would take to obtain her information once she comes in- (trust us, been there and would rather never) just email her any required intake form and exclude the hassle. Basically all you need to do is offer online booking, and once your client books you, they will automatically receive an email confirmation with the forms attached. 

Voila! They’ve now filled it out and it’s In your hands. The form is saved under the client’s (paperless) file accessible on your Yocale account. Can you imagine the amount of energy, time, and money you just saved collecting their information prior to their arrival? Which brings us to our next point.


The annotation feature operates with any kind of form format you’ve created and need to interpret on. 

Say, you are a physiotherapist working with a (rehab) patient and your client recently had a ligament injury that could affect his previous peritoneal ligament tore. As a professional, you know it’s vital to recommend treatments that wouldn’t negatively influence your clients previous injuries. 

This is where the annotation feature becomes valuable. Annotate on any type of image you’ve uploaded (x-rays, anyone), illuminate areas of focus, smoothly maneuver from (past) records and treatments to efficiently customize the right treatment  for your patient. We’ve created a fun tutorial on form annotations using the cosmetic scenario above.

Watch this quick video to see its progressive capabilities. 

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a feature that allows clients to fill out a form on a shared business device such as a tablet or computer and is intended to prevent clients from having access to the rest of the Yocale application. In Kiosk mode, clients can only access fields in the form you’ve set up and cannot access back into Yocale without a password. 

This option is supreme when your client has arrived at your office for their appointment. Using form management, simply go to your clients name and open the form (you can link any required form to a service when you set it up), chose Kiosk mode and have the client consent right there and then. Once you enter your password, you can resume using Yocale. 

NEW! For complimentary Form enhancements, click the link. We hope you adore the Form Feature as much as we do. Thank you for reading and good luck on your future endeavours. 

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