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As the adage goes, if you’re in the service business – you’re in the “people” business!

Regardless of the type of service you offer – from massage therapy to dog walking – the service industry revolves around people.

These businesses thrive when they’re able to either meet or exceed the needs of their customers. But they can’t do it alone.

It takes people to understand people – and at the end of the day, it’s the dedicated staff of these service businesses that truly drive them forward. Invigorated by a deep, passionate desire to help understand and attend to the needs of their clients, it’s the staff who bridge the gap from business service to business excellence.

The best businesses don’t merely service their customers through their staff members – they connect their customers with their staff members. In the process, they forge meaningful, long-standing business relationships with their clients that often span years and years at a time.

Your staff is a powerful driving force for your business, and as such, they deserve to be well-represented! Thankfully, with scheduling software, it’s never been easier to showcase the talents and remarkable prowess of your staff online – all while drumming up more interest in your services.

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Emphasize The Diverse Skill Sets Of Your Staff

Every one of your staff members has a distinctively unique range of skills – so wcharahy not reflect this diversity of ability on your website? Showcasing your staff’s talents is compelling marketing and illuminates the broader scope of what you can offer.

For instance, there are thousands of hair salons and massage therapy centres out there, but no two are quite the same. The difference lies in the compassion and attentiveness of a business’s staff members – and customers know this well.

In fact, in 2011, 70% of surveyed Americans said they were willing to spend more with businesses they believed provided excellent customer service.

Thankfully, with staff pages, you can easily capture what really makes your business unique and convey that to clients, both new and old.

In just a few clicks, scheduling software allows you to create a staff profile for each of your talented crew members directly within your browser. From there, you can flesh out a profile by adding a short biography, mentioning training and skillsets, and including an attention-grabbing picture.

In addition, staff profiles are built to reflect the real-world complexities of businesses – not deny them. With scheduling software like Yocale, you won’t be forced to redefine your business to fit the limitations of the software.

If your staff is made up of full-time and contracted workers, you’ll be able to easily distinguish each team member as such via their staff title. In fact, what you enter in this field is totally up to you – the sky is the limit!

Once you’ve finalized your staff profiles, they’ll be ready and waiting for online viewing on your booking page – no coding required!

Fully-Optimized For Maximum Online Marketing Value

In this digital age, search engines like Google and Yahoo are still responsible for a massive amount of traffic generation for businesses.

During 2017 alone, Google accounted for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic. In addition, one of the top Google search queries, “near me,” doubled in popularity in 2016, suggesting that Google plays a key role in local business discovery.

However, it’s SEO – or “search engine optimization” – that’s the make-or-break factor here. Generally, businesses that prioritize SEO are the ones reaping the rewards of increased web traffic via search engines.

Sadly, if your business doesn’t have a prominent online presence backed by solid SEO, the chances are that your efforts are going unnoticed.

In other words, it’s never been more important to get your web content optimized for search engines. Don’t worry though – because it’s also never been this easy.

With scheduling software, your staff pages are automatically prepped for SEO right out of the box – ensuring that your staff will get the online exposure they deserve.

To maximize your returns even further, Yocale offers full integration with Reserve With Google, a toolset that streamlines the booking process across Google services like Maps and Search.

By providing Google with some of your business details, users will be able to discover your business directly from Google and book with you in seconds. Once they’ve clicked that shiny “book now” button, they’ll be directed towards your schedule, where they can choose a timeslot of their liking.

For any service-based business, Reserve With Google is an absolute game-changer and can catapult your business ahead of your online competitors.

The best part is – there’s no technical know-how required. While other SEO strategies often necessitate the hiring of bonafide web experts, with scheduling software – the job is done for you at no extra charge!

Independent Schedules For Each And Every Staff Member

Real-world businesses need real-world solutions, and that’s why scheduling software like Yocale promotes your staff while also improving their day-to-day work lives.

While your staff profiles are busy at work accruing interest online, they’ll also be working for you internally within the workplace.

Every staff profile you create comes with its own independent staff scheduler and unique login. This allows your staff to log in from virtually any internet connected device and access their individual work schedules from wherever they are.

With online scheduling, your staff will be able to view their upcoming appointment details, create client notes, and more! The whole online experience is securely encrypted, so you can rest assured knowing your business data isn’t at risk.

And don’t worry – giving your staff mobile access to their schedules won’t severely dampen productivity, either! In this digital age, the fear is certainly understandable, as most of us already have an abundance of micro distractions waiting behind the lock screens of our phones.

However, that’s where provider notifications really shine. With unlimited email or SMS text notifications, your staff will be able to stay in-sync with their changing schedules without being glued to their mobile phones.

Simply put, staff profiles work hard for your business – inside and out – so you don’t have to. By going digital, you and your staff will be able to leave any scheduling stress at the door – something you can bet they’ll be thankful for!

Share Your Customer Satisfaction With The World

You shouldn’t expect any prospective client to take your word regarding the quality of your staff. And with verified user reviews – they won’t have to!

A top-shelf set of employees deserve top-shelf representation. And with automated and verified reviews, your clients will be able to vouch for the outstanding service of your staff and share their opinions with the world.

Every time an appointment concludes, your clients will automatically receive a review request via email. Once a review is submitted, you can verify it and/or promote it in accordance with your preferences.

Sure, local business review sites like Yelp already exist, but these sites typically focus on generalized experiences, forgoing broader insights into the abilities of specific staff members. If you’re looking to underscore the talents of your staff – independent staff review pages are the way to go!

Rather than accumulate every review, each staff member gets their own review section, where users will be able to catch up with the experiences of your past clients. This allows prospective clients another opportunity to familiarize themselves with the unique strengths of your staff, which can prove to be very persuasive.

After all, it’s been demonstrated by surveys that 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as they would trust recommendations from friends. Impressive, right?

In this day and age, positive reviews speak volumes about a business. As such, it never hurts to have another review destination – especially one that’s built to highlight the unique skillsets of your staff!

While the value of a service business’s staff is generally not overlooked, it’s often understated.

With the help of scheduling software, however, you can illuminate the expertise of your staff and give them the spotlight that they deserve – while simultaneously enriching the efficiency and optimization of your online presence.

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