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Registered Massage Therapist Software And What You Should Look For

Registered Massage Therapist Software And What You Should Look For

In today’s tech-driven world, most of us have a myriad of apps and software that we regularly use across our mobile and home devices.

Most of these apps enrich our lives by providing us with convenience, imparting knowledge, or by granting us access to important data. Admittedly, some of these apps are geared more towards distraction – but in this fast-paced world, distraction plays a valuable role, too!

The best software, though, is software that redefines how we live. It doesn’t just supplement our lives with added expediency or comfort.

The best software aids us in changing our lives for the better.

If you run a registered massage therapy center, then you’re likely familiar with what it takes to keep your business running smoothly.

Despite the tranquil and comforting atmosphere of most RMT centers, without proper structuring, the business end of it can become unnecessarily stressful. Operating a thriving RMT center demands superb organizational ability and laser-focused attentiveness to client needs.

Simply put, it’s a tough job – but it doesn’t have to be!

It’s very likely that you already use software in some form to aid you in everyday life. And just as you rely on other apps to enhance aspects of your life, registered massage therapist software can do the same for your business.

Scheduling software like Yocale boasts a full suite of features offering improved convenience to you and your customers, exceptional depth of organization and customization, and more – giving you the tools to operate your business at it’s best.

That said, not all RMT software is created equally. Read on to discover what features your business can’t afford to be without!

Online Booking Done Right

First and foremost, no RMT software is complete without offering lightning-fast online booking. Not only does recent research indicate that customers now expect businesses to offer online booking, but online booking also brings an unmatched level of flexibility to your business.

For example, some RMT centers aren’t interested in offering confirmed online bookings. They might be concerned about creating accidental scheduling conflicts with their in-house schedule.

For businesses like these, appointment requests can effortlessly bridge the gap between confirmed and in-house bookings, providing an efficient and practical solution.

Instead of selecting from a list of available time slots, appointment requests allow your customers to browse your schedule online and choose a time that works for them. Once they’ve submitted their request, you can then easily accept, decline, or come to an alternative arrangement via email or SMS.

RMT software also makes it easy to start taking bookings directly through your Facebook page in just a few clicks. And, for potential customers who discover you through Google services like Maps and Search, Google Reserve allows them to book right from Google on their home or mobile device.

Ideally, whatever your booking preferences are, RMT software should help you integrate your business with the internet at large – scoring you more client conversions and appointments in the process!

A Customizable, Fully Functional Scheduler

In the fast-paced service industry, keen organizational ability is critical. That’s why the core of RMT software often consists of a fully customizable scheduler, which keeps your business life neatly organized to your liking.

The best RMT software lets you flexibly build your schedule, with full support for appointment color-coding, multiple locations, and unique services. Once your online bookings start pouring in, your schedule will automatically populate – there’s no need for manual entry, and certainly no risk of double-booking!

Best of all, RMT software grants you an incredible degree of control regarding how your schedule is filled.

For example, some providers prefer specific services to have limited availability during the work week. With RMT software, not only is this possible – it’s incredibly easy to format your schedule to what’s best for you and your staff!

That’s because RMT software works to automatically optimize your schedule based on your preferences – allowing customers to book at optimal times and ironing out the possibility of awkward gaps within your schedule.

And, if you’re already committed to your favorite online calendar service – there’s no need to fret! The best RMT software will allow you to easily sync your appointment scheduler with services like Google Calendar or iCal.

Tools To Help Your Staff Succeed, Too

The best RMT software doesn’t just make your work life easier – it makes the work lives of your staff more comfortable, too!

Every staff member is unique – and that’s why you should look for RMT software that gives you tools that complement the distinct skillsets of your employees.

For instance, the best RMT software will allow you to create independent staff accounts, which serve two distinctively valuable purposes.

For one, each staff member will get access to their own schedule and availability, allowing them to view their appointments and client notes online. This way, your staff can check-in with their schedules at any time – even if they’re not at work!

Secondly, most RMT software will allow you to display your staff profiles within the online booking interface, allowing your clients to browse and familiarize themselves with your staff. From here, your clients can then view the independent services and schedules of specific staff members, separate from your entire business’s schedule.

By opening up your schedule to both staff and clients, your business won’t be held back by the rigidity of traditional appointment-booking processes. Instead, you’ll be able to offer an extraordinary level of flexibility – leading to more bookings and happier faces all around!

Client Management – Organize And Notate To Your Heart’s Content

Clients are the lifeblood of any RMT business. Without happy, loyal clients to depend on, maintaining profits – let alone growing them – can be a challenging affair.

Research has regularly demonstrated that clients that feel valued and cared for are more likely to be repeat customers. Nowhere is this truer than in the service industry, where acknowledging and caring for the unique needs of your clients is essential.

That said, managing and remembering client-specific details is often easier said than done. In RMT practice, you might be better off retrieving these critical details – muscular areas of focus, injuries, preferred treatment style, etc. – from a comprehensive database, rather than relying purely on memory.

As it turns out, client management is one of the features that many RMT centres can’t live without!

Just as you can create staff profiles, RMT software also allows you to create profiles for your clients. Once a profile is created, you can easily view a customer’s contact and payment details, appointment history, and even attach relevant files or images.

From here, most software makes it easy to refer back to a client’s profile at any time through an intuitive web interface. It all takes place in one window and one screen – so there’s no need to swap incessantly between multiple programs or spreadsheets!

Having near-instant access to customer insights through RMT software allows you to take your customer service to the next level. Your customers will appreciate the new level of specialized care and attentiveness – and you and your staff will love the profound organizational advantage!

Better Behind-The-Scenes Business Analytics & Reporting

Simply put, analytics are a business owner’s best friend. Not everyone might consider themselves data-minded, but business reports and analytics can provide profound insights into what’s working and what isn’t.

That’s why the best RMT software doesn’t give you the tools to succeed. It gives you an in-depth analysis of your business – from where it is, to where it’s headed.

For the best results, look for RMT software that reinforces its feature set with a rich statistical backend. After all, there’s no point in having software manage your appointments, client base, transaction history, and more if it can’t provide you with meaningful data regarding these facets of your business!

In addition, it’s important to note that not all data reporting is worthwhile – some reports are too complicated or convoluted to be of any use. The best RMT software should provide you with visually appealing stats and graphs that also contain enough substance to make a stat nerd blush.

While there are many ways to catapult your registered massage therapy business into newfound success this year, we think RMT software will provide you with the necessary edge you need. Here’s to your continued growth in 2018!

Thanks for reading!

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