Searching for A Setmore Alternative? Yocale May Be the Answer

Searching for a Setmore alternative?

We understand. 

For whatever reason you’ve decided Setmore may not be the right option for you and your business (or you’re simply evaluating how other schedulers compare for curiosity’s sake), this blog post will show you how Yocale, a top online scheduler, compares to Setmore.

P.S. Here’s what to look for in an online scheduler.

A Bit About Yocale, A Semore Alternative

Yocale is a Canadian-based scheduling software for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses across a range of industries, from beauty, health, automotive and beyond.

What makes Yocale unique is the fact that it’s not just a scheduling software. It also acts as a point-of-sale as well as client and business management system, offering a high level of return on investment.

How Yocale Compares to Semore

First things first: Setmore is a good scheduler. But here’s where the two differ in terms of price and features:

  • Price

Both have a free plan (for up to 4 to 5 staff). Beyond this, Yocale has the next cheapest plan at $25 (for up to 10 staff). 

The premium/pro versions for both schedulers are $32 (Setmore, up to 20 staff logins) and $40 for Yocale (up to 20 staff logins). 

Yocale also has an $80/month plan for up to 25+ staff as well.

  • Features

Yocale offers additional beneficial features – such as inventory management – that can help you and your business that Setmore just doesn’t offer at this time. And that’s what we would argue makes Yocale a good alternative.

Here’s what the two schedulers do have in common, though:


Reserve with Google: Keep in mind that not all scheduling software offers Reserve with Google at all, a new tool which allows customers to book straight from Google, which makes both options stand out from the crowd. If you’re new to RwG, you can read how it increases bookings here

But here is where Yocale outshines Setmore in terms of features:

setmore alternative
  • Marketplace Business Listing. Yocale’s Marketplace connects you with real people who are looking for services just like yours. The result? Extra exposure and more bookings. Plus, get an SEO-Optimized Public Booking Page, which functions like a website for businesses without a website.
  • Book Multi-Service Booking Appointments. Increase average-spend-per visit by allowing customers to book different types of appointments in one.
  • Manage/Sell Packages, Memberships, Gift Cards and Coupons. Memberships are a great way to generate recurring revenue (this is exactly how Nintendo manages to sell more)  and customer loyalty while packages increase cash flow. Read about why you should sell packages here.
  • Calendar Appointment Availability Finder Widget
  • Resource Management and Scheduling. Allow your staff to book resources such as massage tables or certain rooms for a more streamlined, conflict-free daily operations.
  • Inventory Management. Inventory management is critical to business success. With Yocale, you can manage your products (for example, get real-time updates when products are low) from one management area.  Struggling with inventory management? Read this
  • Video Conferencing for Appointments
  • Mobile/On-Site Bookings
  • Custom Website Embedded Booking Widget
  • Custom Invoice Creator
  • Client Document Attachment and Storage

The Takeaway:

Yocale and Setmore are both more than scheduling software, acting like a point-of-sale as well. However, Yocale goes beyond this, providing more value for users. A great example of this is its ability to act as an inventory management tool. 

On top of this, Yocale offers more ways for businesses to book more appointments (for instance, via its Marketplace Business Listing) and to sell more via the ability to sell memberships, packages and so on.

Wrapping It Up

Setmore is a great scheduler. But for just a few more dollars per month (less than $10), you get a lot more value when you choose Yocale due to features like the Marketplace (which will connect you to customers searching for businesses like yours), inventory management and the ability to sell memberships and packages.

The result?

More bookings, more recurring revenue and greater spend per visit.

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