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Take Online Payments Quickly And Easily For Your Body Art Business

How many times have you had a client schedule an appointment and then failed to show up?

You may think that behaviour is relatively harmless, but the numbers regarding how much no-shows actually cost your body art business may surprise you.

The average no-show rate is anywhere between 5% and 7%, which is the equivalent of 1 in 20 clients. If you see an average of 10 clients a day, that’s at least 1 no show every other day – at least.

Let’s take the time to do a little math. If the average client generates $100 per appointment (it is likely more than this), that’s the equivalent of losing $2000 a week or as much as $24,000 every single year.

Can your body art business lose $24,000 a year?

If not, you need to take online payments.

Without a doubt, reducing no-shows by taking online payments (and pre-payments, in particular) is one of the biggest benefits of taking online payments (but there are a lot more benefits, too – we will get to this).

How Online Payments Work with Yocale

With Yocale, you can take pre-payments, deposits, full payments, partial payments all within the same window (and from your tattoo management software).

Not only does Yocale offer online payments for services, but we offer online payments for multiple service packages and products, too.

Your clients can pay directly from your booking page as well.

Whether your clients are booking an appointment from their desktop or smartphone, they will be able to pay for appointment within seconds. Yocale has partnered with Stripe in order to ensure that all payments are processed safely as well.

As soon as a client has selected their choice of service and their preferred time, they will be able to enter their credit card information directly from their browser window.

The Benefits of Online Payments

    • Offer Clients the Convenience of Pre-Payments. Pre-payments give your clients the convenience of being able to pay for their appointment in advance of their actual appointment, avoiding the various inconveniences that comes with the transaction process. With mobile payments like Apple Pay expected to reach over 60 million users before 2020, it is clear that today’s consumers want convenient payments.
    • Improve Your Cashflow. Not only are online payments beneficial for your clients, but they are also beneficial for your business because they increase client accountability. There are numerous reasons why clients fail to show up for their appointments, but by securing payment beforehand, you immediately increase your cash flow and, as you will see, reduce the likelihood of costly no-shows. Payments are deposited into your account within 1-2 business days.
    • Reduce No-Shows. As you saw above, no-shows could cost your business as much as nearly $25,000 every single year. With online payments, you can secure payment in advance of the actual appointment and reduce the likelihood of no-shows as a result. Pre-payments keep your clients accountable. But, even in the event that your client still fails to show up, you will still have charged that client for their appointment anyway. Here’s the real cost of no-shows.
  • Streamlined Payment Process. Taking online payments simplifies your business in a couple of ways. First, you eliminate the headache that comes with having to track down payments. But, taking online payments also simplifies your daily workflow in that you don’t have to rely on additional software to accept payments – it is all done through your tattoo management software.
  • Stay Competitive. Remember: online payment is the way of the future as you saw above. So, by giving your clients the ability to pay online, you are giving yourself the competitive edge to give today’s consumers what they want: convenience.

How to Take Online Payments with Yocale

You can begin taking online payments in just a few steps. First, you will need to connect your Stripe account to your Yocale account.

Once you have set this up, we will show you how to start taking online payments for your services.

  • Part A: Setup Your Stripe Account to Accept Payments through Yocale

Step 1: Go to ‘Provider Tools’ > ‘Payments’

Step 2: Click on the ‘Strip+’ button to add a Stripe account.

Step 3: Enter the name of the account you would like to title it and the currency in which you would like to accept payments.

Step 4: Next, you will need to connect your Stripe account with your Yocale account.

Step 5: Lastly, You will see that you will either have the option to ‘Sign In’ to your account (if you already have a Stripe account) or to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one.

Just ensure that you ‘Authorize Access to this Account.’

  • Part B: Taking Online Payments for Services

Step 1: From your email’s drop-down menu, go to ‘Manage.’

Step 2: Select ‘Services/Products.’

Step 3. You will now see a list of all of the services you offer. Click on the service you want to take online payments for and then select ‘Edit’ on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: From here, you will then be able to edit the payment options for that particular service. In this case, you will want to select the box for ‘Pre Payment/Authorization Required.’

Step 5: Select the ‘Payment Account.’

Step 6: Select your preferences as it relates to online payments. For example, you can:

    • Preauthorize and charge in the event of a no-show
    • Make payment before booking OPTIONAL
  • Make payment before booking REQUIRED

Step 7: Lastly, ‘Save’ your changes.

Wrapping It Up

There are many benefits of taking online payments. Not only do you offer the convenience of pre-payments and full-payments to your clients, but you instantly improve your cash flow, reduce no-shows, have a more streamlined payment process and better position yourself to compete in a marketplace where convenient payments are highly valued by the consumer.


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