What To Look For In a Class Scheduling Software

As consumers, we are often looking for ways we can grow, develop, change, improve and learn.

For many of us, we look for learning opportunities to help foster this growth. Some work quietly on their own, reading or experimenting;  and many register for classes or courses.

Some of us want to improve our health by signing up for a series of yoga classes.  Some may want to learn a new skill and register for a class at a community centre. And some may want to grow their career and take an online course to better their resume.

Whether your business is a yoga or fitness studio, community program, or specialized education service, we understand how important it is to make sure your consumers can register and participate in your classes in a seamless, professional way.

As you look for software that suits your business, here are eight components you should look for in your class scheduling software:

1)  Scheduling Software Should Be User-Friendly

Your business’s online scheduling software should be straightforward and intuitive to use. The software should allow you to create class calendars, schedules, services, and length of classes without looking through instructions.

It should also provide a simple way of adding staff, managing class registrants, and generate program reports without requiring technical support.

2) Software Should Offer Automatic Billing

With dozens of potential participants accessing your facility, website or classroom, it is critical your scheduling software can automate your billing. Whether it’s accepting payments for classes, monthly memberships, or renewal fees, a scheduling software should be streamlined, efficient and accessible billing from one place. 

3) Software Should Support Classes, Memberships, And Packages

Think of how your program and class could become if you could offer membership classes and class packages through your website. Potential customers and students can browse your business’s class options and packages online and commit right then and there.

No unnecessary phone calls, no extra driving to get information, just easy access, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Let your software work for you in the off hours so that you can enjoy a class or two of your own!

4) Class Scheduling Software Should Have Your Schedule Management Mastered

For businesses running multiple classes and with varying times and start dates, it’s critical you have a class scheduling software that can keep track of your entire business’s schedule.

Your company’s scheduling software should allow you to organize multiple class schedules, keep your facilitators organized, and allow participants to view their schedule for the day, weeks and months ahead.

Your software should also allow you to set a minimum and a maximum number of registrations per class. This ensures your classes are run exactly the way you want them to be.

5) Rebooking Reminders Should Be An Option

Make sure your business’s class scheduling management software limits the number of calls and emails you or your front-line staff need to respond to.

An efficient scheduling software will send participants class start-date and rebooking reminders whenever you have scheduled it.

6) Class Profiles Should Be Accessible

We understand that people book classes most often for content, rather than times. To help make your business more accessible to customers, choose a class scheduling software that allows potential students to read and research what classes are available to them. This allows your clients to select and schedule courses that suit what they are looking to accomplish.

7) You Should Be Able To Use Email Marketing From Your Software

What happens if you add new classes, or there is a change in class time? Do you send personal or individual emails to your customers? Or, do you use a third party email marketing service and hope that the email list is updated?

We encourage you to look at a class management software that allows you to send emails and reach your email marketing goals right from your software. Keep your customer’s emails all in one place rather than needing to import email lists or add new customers to another emailing service.

8) You Should Get Sales From Social Media

Many businesses that offer classes and courses have taken the smart, social media savvy step of allowing customers to book classes through Facebook?

Just think of how accessible your classes could be as customers scroll through your business’s Facebook page. When like they see a class or package they’re interested in, they can book right there from the page!

Not all class management software has this savvy capability, so make sure yours does. An option like this ensures your classes and courses are seen in more places than just your website, which will increase your chances of sales.

There are many factors to consider when offering classes to customers, participants or students in your community. Whether it’s improving fitness, learning a new skill, or teaching children, having a class scheduling software that’s user-friendly for both service providers and customer is key.

If your business is good at practicing what you teach, ensure you have a class scheduling software that performs the same way.

For more information, or to get your classes up and running and bookable by your clients, click here to get started today!

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