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Why Yocale Blog?

Here is your chance to show off your industry knowledge

The Yocale blog is one of the leading small business places people go when they want to read up on the latest trends and news, and now you can become a contributor by submitting an amazing piece of content. 

How it Works

Our editorial team carefully reviews all pitches, considering factors like how well the topic fits into our site architecture and focus areas, SEO viability, and relevance to our audience.

While we value all submissions, we cannot assure the publication of every post, even if it adheres to our editorial guidelines.

To maintain our commitment to delivering the best educational content to our audience, we assess posts based on their fit with our readers and their potential reach. Please note that we do not provide guaranteed publication, even to HubSpot customers, partners, or previously featured authors.

Submission Guidelines

To ensure a seamless experience for both writers and readers, we have some guidelines to follow:

Exclusive Content

We value authenticity. All submissions must be your original work, free from plagiarism. Submitted articles should not have been published elsewhere, including your personal blog or other platforms.


Use a clean and easy-to-read formatting style. Break up large blocks of text, use bullet points, and consider numbered lists for clarity.


Your articles should align with our platform’s focus and be informative, inspiring, or entertaining.

Avoid promotional Content

Articles with an overtly promotional tone or intent will not be accepted. Focus on providing value to our readers.

Respect Copyrights

Respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you include quotes or references from external sources, ensure you have the necessary permissions.

Credible Sources

Back up your claims with credible sources, data, and references to ensure accuracy and reliability in your content.

Creating value together

At Yocale, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Our platform thrives on the diverse perspectives of writers like you, who are passionate about making a positive impact through their words. By becoming a contributor, you’ll join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals eager to share their insights and expertise with the world.

Amplify your voice

As a writer on our platform, your ideas will reach a global audience. Share your unique perspective on a wide range of topics and make a difference in people's lives.

Join a supportive community

Connect with fellow writers, editors, and readers who share your passion for knowledge and personal growth. Be part of a community that values creativity and learning.

Build your brand

Showcase your expertise and build a personal brand as a thought leader in your niche. Our platform provides an ideal space to enhance your online presence.

Expand your network

Opportunities abound when you collaborate with us. Engage with industry professionals, potential clients, or other writers who could open doors to exciting new ventures.

After submitting your request

We will only review submissions from people with real email, working in well-known or innovative businesses. Due to the volume of submissions we receive daily, we are not able to get back to everyone. If the article is accepted we will let you know within 14 days, otherwise if you do not hear from us, you are free to submit it elsewhere.

We reserve the right to

Please keep in mind