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3 Tips To Help Sales Reps Sell More

Within most sales organizations there is increasing pressure to meet bigger and better targets, but when it comes to finding sales tactics that work magic on your customers, sadly there isn’t a secret recipe.

Often, sales reps who struggle meet quotas are trained to use the same sales techniques again and again, but customers know a scripted sales pitch when they hear one.

If you want to up your sales game, it’s time to change your strategy. This blog post is a roundup of our top tips to help you on your way to closing more sales and ultimately driving more revenue.

Sell Yourself, Not Your Products

Sales reps should make an effort to promote the values and practices of their company when selling to customers, since they’re more likely to relate to you this way.

Many sales reps make the mistake of focusing too much on their product, but with so many products out there with similar features, you need to find a way to differentiate from competition.

Customers want a sales rep who listens to them instead of simply pushing their own agenda. If your customer tells you they have had a bad experience with another sales rep, this is the time to let them know they can trust you.

Talk about your experience in the industry and how your business can help them, drawing on important statistics and existing customers who have benefitted from your product.

You can improve the conversations you have with customers by using simple techniques such as using the customer’s name and bringing the conversation to an action point.

Don’t Underestimate The Art Of Storytelling

The best sales reps engage customers by telling them stories. A boring sales pitch will immediately make the customer lose interest, but telling them a personal story, perhaps about what the product means to you, or how you helped someone as a result of this product, is far more likely to capture the customer’s attention and encourage them to ask questions.

“In sales situations, stories allow the subconscious mind of the prospect to truly ‘get’ and see the valuable application of the solution,” says Erik Luhrs, author of best-selling book, ’Be Do Sale’.

Many companies also use storytelling in sales to make data and facts more interesting and digestible. It’s easy to list off statistics, but if they don’t relate to anything, the customer is likely to lose interest very quickly.

Use Visual Sales Tactics

According to Bargain Fox, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be a factor in purchase decisions, so if you are struggling to close a sale, then providing visuals could be the perfect solution.

If you have samples of your product, for example, or can give a demonstration of how it works, you are more likely to catch your customer’s attention.

Similarly, showing your customer a short video about how the product works may influence them to make a purchase. Other visual sales tactics include providing customers with product catalogs, which give an overview of the products your company sells, infographics, which highlight important data, or giving a visual presentation, where you can provide additional information about the company.

If you have any favourite sales tactics, we’d love to hear them! Share with us below in the comments section.

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