5 Benefits of Automotive Scheduling Software

If you’re in the automotive business, you likely have experienced first-hand how important your Google My Business (GMB) listing is when it comes to bringing in new clients. 

In fact, a GMB Insights study by Bright Local found that 5% of GMB listings result in a website click, call or direction request. They also found that car dealerships receive the highest number of calls and website visits from GMB

(We have a blog post that covers how to optimize your GMB listing here and here).

But what we want to talk about today is a new Google My Business feature – the ability for clients to schedule appointments with you online via automotive scheduling software – and why you should consider it if you haven’t already.

Businesses like Jiffy are already taking advantage of scheduling software and here’s why you should, too. See for yourself just how excited this Reddit user is!

From more efficient daily operations to less time spent on the phone, better customer service and greater profit, scheduling software is critical.

Benefits of Automotive Scheduling Software 

1. Prevent Customers From Going Elsewhere + Negative Reviews

A lot of automotive companies tend to generate a lot of poor reviews because staff is unable to take calls and accommodate customers in a timely manner. 

The result?

Not only does it mean the customer is likely going to go somewhere else but it also means that the customer may become so frustrated that they leave a negative review on your GMB listing. 

We’ve seen this happen quite a bit. 

This is one of the biggest benefits of online scheduling. Customers can simply book appointments online, meaning they’re going to be able to set up an appointment right then and there. They aren’t going to go elsewhere. This level of customer service also makes you premier customer service provider in the process (more on this to come).

Even better, it means that your staff will spend less time on the phone, meaning efficiency goes up.

2. Prevent No-Shows (Great for Dealerships)

Unfortunately, dealerships tend to face a lot of no-shows. It happens. 

The good news is that online scheduling can help reduce them by sending SMS/email reminders to clients, reminding them of their upcoming appointment.

3. Save Time

Online scheduling software (many of which are actually just cloud-based software, meaning you don’t actually have to install any software or have the expense/risk involved in having an in-house server or the need to do routine backups) is designed to save time in a lot of ways. 

Yocale, for instance, can:

  • Reduce incoming phone calls/emails (as clients simply book online)
  • Allow you to communicate with customers via email, therein reducing more time spent on phone 
  • Act as a point-of-sale – accept online payments and quickly create custom invoices online (no more paper invoices!)
  • Act as an inventory manager, sending alerts when products are low

4. Generate More Repeat Visits (And Automate The Process)

Another benefit of online scheduling is that you can automate scheduling process.

Here’s an example: 

Let’s say you tell your client they will likely have to come in for an oil change in another 3 months. A lot of companies typically put a sticker on the windshield reminding the client of their upcoming appointment. 

But chances are, the client doesn’t make it in when he/she should or even worse, they go somewhere else. 

What if you could send an automated reminder via text and/or email right before their appointment? 

The likelihood of having a no-show is a lot less likely with an electronic reminder.

You can automate just about any type of future appointment, from winter/spring tire changes to general service appointments and beyond. Whatever the case may be, online scheduling generates more repeat visits while simultaneously reducing no-shows.

Yocale, for instance, connects you to its own Marketplace, which connects you to local people who are searching for automobile-related services like the ones you offer. 

Even better, Yocale connects you to Reserve with Google, a revolutionary way to increase bookings. If you have partnered with a scheduling software that has partnered with Google (like Yocale), a “Book Online” button will be added to your Google My Business listing. That means that customers can book your services straight from Google, giving you a competitive edge in the process. 

You can read more about Reserve with Google here.

5. Provide a Better Customer Service Experience (= More Customer Loyalty, New Customers and Greater Profit)

As we touched on above, automotive scheduling software makes you a premier customer service provider within the industry. Yes, more automotive businesses are taking advantage of online scheduling, but it’s not yet an industry standard. 

The result? Your current clients are much more likely to come back (did you know that repeat customers spend 67% more while also being much more likely to refer your business?). Furthermore, you’re much more likely to generate positive customer reviews, thus improving your Google star rating and therefore bringing in more new clients.

The result? 

Greater profits.

An online scheduler like Yocale also gives you access to your client’s complete appointment history, allowing you to provide more personalized customer service.

Wrapping It Up

More and more automotive businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of automotive scheduling software to streamline operations, provide a better level of customer service and generate more profits.

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