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5 Steps to Creating Income as an Online Fitness Trainer

Being a fitness coach can be rewarding and profitable. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, chances are you consider it as a “dream job.” But behind the perfect facade of “getting paid to get fit” is a business that’s like any other. A business filled with demands, interactions, deadlines and competition.

Sure, the 2020 pandemic hit the fitness industry hard but instead of hurting it, it  transformed it. From beautiful nature walks to living room yoga, digital fitness services made exercise accessible to more people from the comfort of their homes.

If you’re starting your career as an online fitness coach (whether you are new or are merely pivoting), the following tips and tactics can help you run a successful personal training business with healthy profits.

5 Tips To Build and Sustain Your Online Fitness Business

1. Get Certified and Educated

Primary, getting educated and certified is the first step. Having basic understanding of kinesiology and proper posture results in effective training techniques that help your clients progress. Beware that exemplifying wrong postures and techniques can lead to long term injury.

This is where education plays a major role. Fitness certification courses introduce you to everyday scenarios and dysfunctions. It also equips you with a comprehensive way of understanding them. This knowledge helps you address hurdles holistically, instead of just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

Structured learning isn’t your golden ticket to success. But it’s a step to making sure that you’re covering essential knowledge bases. From lifting too much weight to poor technique, an exercise performed incorrectly can ruin your professional reputation.

2. Have Potent Online Visibility

Initially, to obtain an influential presence and solid following, knowledge surrounding your market and customer is key. For instance, applying an environmental scan pursues external opportunities and threats that could influence future decisions. Knowing your target marketing will bring you one step closer to your customer acquisition strategy. However, to reach your target market most efficiently, you need to rank on the first page of Google.

Before potential clients can invest in you, you need to create value for them. Contributing your knowledge and answering questions through forums, social media, or content marketing will help you establish an online reputation.

To present yourself as knowledgeable and approachable, make a habit of creating fitness videos and tutorials that focus on different muscle techniques. Engage with your network and ask them the type of activities and videos that would be most valuable for them.

If you don’t know where to start, why not start with your local community? Participate in local events and online activities. Be active in community boards and Facebook groups and make engagements and interactions a high priority.

No matter the approach you choose, the core of your plan is simple: Provide proper training and achieve fitness goals.

3. Be Professional

Professionalism is reliability. As someone’s coach, it’s your job to show up when you say you will, deliver consistent quality, and offer programs that are specific to your client’s goals.

Once you’re ready become a full time online training coach, you have to treat and nourish it like a professional business. Your clients depend on you, and it’s your duty to provide tailored, high energy exercise therapy that they desire.

4. Lead by Example

Leadership is a vital part of personal coaching. Client motivation is usually high during the first few weeks,- but what happens when the inevitable speedbumps arrive?

Building rapport with your clients is a great way to help sustain their motivation. To do this, be extremely responsive to their concerns but make sure you also set boundaries.

To achieve the greatest results possible, lead by example and practice what you preach. This type of leadership show your clients what’s possible if  discipline and commitment is sustainable.

Motivation and energy is prevalent and your vitality will vibrate to your surroundings. Remember, everyone can teach but a good teacher instills confidence, sets high expectations and is prepared for a challenge.

5. Maximize Technology

As if the job weren’t hard enough, deciding to pursue fitness professionally requires you to dabble into several administrative tasks as well.

Appointment management and building customer relationships both requires technical groundwork that takes time to build.

A smart way to tackle this is to maximize technology and offer online booking. Improve appointments conversion rate by 64% and get booked while you sleep. Want more? According to the Economist, the online fitness industry is booming! With gyms closed and millions stuck at home, Fitness can be taught remotely:

Yocale is a free, online scheduling software that will help operate your fitness business stress free. It’s jam-packed with innovative features to schedule and manage your business and appointments and includes a comprehensive point of sales system and Booking Widget. recognized Yocale as the best Personal Trainer software in 2021!

Personal Trainer Software

Its color coded booking calendar allows you to organize your day and set your availability to share with your clients via a customized link. The clients can book you through a plethora of channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Keep your area germ free and covid free and receive digital payments securely with Stripe. It even allows you to facilitate video calls through integrations with Join.Me or GoToMeeting. Ideal for video training your clients while meeting health and safety protocols.

Remember, the more online presence your business has, the more customers it can potentially impact. Furthermore, if you perform your job right your clients will leave you positive reviews online.

Get booked on Google with Business Yocale.

Focus on modernizing your training techniques and client relationships and leave the dirty work to artificial intelligence.


Being a professional fitness trainer can be fulfilling but it’s not easy,- it requires both skill and empathy.

To succeed in this industry, you need to have general knowledge of human anatomy, a strong fitness comprehension and a genuine interest in helping others progress.

Use technology to your advantage to gain a competitive advantage. Using a platform like Yocale provides a robust and flexible system. For instance, it will help you manage your business logistics and client management in one platform.

Check it out and start your free trial or book a demo today.

About the Author: Hannah is a SaaS writer, event marketer, and part-time FMA coach.

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