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2022 Online Booking Stats (+ Original Research)

Online booking continues to be on the rise across numerous industries, from the beauty industry to the medical industry (chiropractors, medical spas, etc.) and beyond. For instance, we’ve already seen that the appointment scheduling market is set to increase by 633 million USD between 2020 and 2025!

Online booking, which allows clients to book their own appointments online at a time that works best for them, is not only more convenient for clients themselves but also allows busy business owners to reduce scheduling and admin-related time by up to seven hours every week – or nearly 30 hours every single month!

This year, we’re taking another look at the state of online booking amongst our clients (here are our online booking results from 2021!): how many new clients were generated? What were the most popular booking days?

Take a look below!

2022 Online Booking Stats

  1. Online booking resulted in 29% NEW clients (Yocale, 2022), a 3% increase from last year. *We have found this figure to be as high as 64% for Reserve with Google bookings.
  2. Friday remains the most popular online booking day (followed by Thursday and then Wednesday). [Yocale, 2022].
  3. Sunday and Monday are the slowest online booking days (Yocale, 2022).
  4. 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. remain the most popular online booking times (Yocale, 2022).
  5. 27% of online bookings are made on weekends, a 3.5% increase from last year (Yocale, 2022).
  6. Online appointments reduce no-shows by an additional 26% over traditional calendar bookings (Yocale, 2022). 
  7. The average Reserve with Google booking is $74.11 (Yocale, 2022).

Wrapping it Up

In 2022, online booking resulted in 3% more new clients compared to last year for a total of 29% new clients overall! More clients are also booking appointments on the weekends compared to last year as well. 

Imagine this: If your average booking revenue is 500K per year, you’d end up adding $145K to your total booking revenue just by switching to online booking!

See it in action

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Interested in reading more about the benefits of online scheduling and booking? This blog post covers everything you need to know about why businesses are making the switch to online scheduling/booking and business management software.

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