7 Easy Ways To Dominate Google’s First Page

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It is a hand’s down fact that Google is the number one search engine and the reason is quite obvious. Data suggests that it provides around a whopping 12 billion searches a month, which is an astronomical figure and establishes the influence of it. 

It is a fact that almost every buying decision starts with online research.

It is therefore necessary to be in the top listing in Google ranking for any organization to receive the right size of traffic to reach clients for their products/ services. Simply getting listed will not serve the purpose as it does not give the right visibility and fame.

However, there are proven strategies and tips which will get your position the top ranking in the Google searches. They will help you to steer out from the crowd and secure your position among the endless results Google generally generates on any kind of search.

These tips help websites to gain the position fast and are the results of extensive research and are the outcome of the strategies which carved out the way to the top position.

We here will discuss these 7 sure shot easy ways to dominate Google’s first page.

1. Your website health

Google’s aim is to provide relevant and authentic results for the searches. The websites with the right dynamics which includes the perfect URL, short Domain name, Meta title, meta-description, informational and relevant content, and info and data which is easy for both Google and visitor to understand will get the right ranking. 

2. Content is king but you need to know it well before posting

Your website needs to be informative and provide all the necessary information to the visitor. You can communicate with your clients, visitors, and to those connected with your business through relevant content.  Content is the ‘must-haves” element in any kind of website. So, instead of simply publishing anything and everything, find the relevant information and then post it on your website.

3. Guest posts on websites with high authority

This is directly related to the relevant content in your domain and now you need to create your presence in other websites as well. Feel free to publish content on other websites so that Google get an estimate of your knowledge and enthusiasm to share it. All you need is to connect with them, request them to publish your articles and then write as guests in their forum. This will also help you to connect with the new audience and open new arenas for your business. 

4. Create and stay active in your Social media profiles

ocial media is the catalyst which helps you to get on the first page, but you need to remain active and communicate through it regularly. Here the rule is ‘out of sight is out of mind’. Social media often feeds into providing content for new searches and so they are an important tool for Google ranking. Also, share relevant information, stay connected and update your profile everyday to catch Google attention which will improve your listing.

5. Alt tags and keywords are game changers

There are instances where the websites have improved considerably with the right keywords and Alt tags. It is very common that some websites even with the right content, good services and affordable prices of products and services fail to secure the top position. This is because they fail to stuff the right keywords and use the right Alt tags. Google crawlers need them to identify and create a link between the websites and the visitors. So, check and re- check for the keywords and Alt tags to avoid pushed back in search results.

6. Limit your keywords and spread them evenly

Over stuffing keywords can let Google believe that you are trying to manipulate the search results. They should be sprinkled evenly and should not appear forcibly stuffed and gagged for the reader. This is bad and can result in black- listing of your website.  

Try to optimise your each and every page with one keyword; for example, do not try keywords which are like “Sports Gear”, “Popular Sports Items”, or “Sports Goods” instead stick to one presence like “Best Sports Products”. Never go for difficult keywords as people generally type general and simple words to search for their requirements. So, instead of making the read complex, use the simple yet effective keywords to get noticed by the web crawlers. 

This is the trick to pick the right keywords for your websites and not to end up with stuffing your website with unnecessary and useless words which confuses the visitor. 

7. The speed of your page-

Google has an affinity or liking for pages which do not take much time to load. The websites with low speed and often pushed back and the ranking tumble tremendously. The slow speed also results in the increase of bounce rate and visitors move out of the website. 

Also, do periodic check-up of your site speed and take all the precautionary measures which can result in slowing down your speed. 

The online searches are made with a purpose to get fast and relevant results and if the speed is slow, your website will be shunned out quickly and will be pushed back in the last pages. 

Wrapping it up:

Well, these are the tips which help in securing your place in Google ranking and they are all verified and tested tips. However, the job is not that easy as it sounds as it needs deep research and understanding and proves eligible for the top-ranking position.  

There are two aspects of Google ranking – first to make it to the first page and second to retain it. It is never the occasion where once you have reached the top position you are going to stay there for ever. It requires the same zeal and effort to sustain the position as it took to reach the place. So, all these tips are effective and prove worthy to withstand the place. 

Author Bio

Adity Sharma is a content writer working with Ranking by SEO. She has written on different digital marketing trends like SEO, content marketing tips & tricks and others.

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