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Customer Retention Tips Part 2: How To Skyrocket Your Spa Profits

spa relax

Nothing says relaxation more than a day at the spa.

From the calming music to the sweet smells, a customer has a lot of excellent ways to wind down and simply enjoy the moment.

For a business that is running a spa, it can also be a great experience as you get to make people feel great.

If not done right, the calming music could come crashing down, though.

You see, for a spa to be successful, it has to master the art of customer retention. And to do that, you need to know how to keep your current and future client base coming back to you again and again.

We are going to highlight three super ways that can be done through medical spa software and can ensure that your customers are happy customers and the sound of your cash register is music to your ears.

1. Offer A Loyalty Program

There is a reason why loyalty programs work so well, and it’s that they encourage clients to stay with the same business, as well as keep visiting them more often.

So it’s no surprise that our first customer retention tip is about giving people a reason to come back to you and your business.

Such things as a loyalty card, which gives them 10% off products, or such things as get seven treatments and get the 8th one free.

There are so many things that you can offer, and you want to ensure the program encourages people to keep coming back. There is nothing better than repeat business, and this will keep your retention numbers above the industry average.

2. Know Your Retention Numbers

Being able to improve your retention numbers means that you need to know where you are starting from.

Without this valuable information, how are you supposed to know if what you are doing is working on growing your business?

improve client visits

Keep track of every client visit, with each visitors information and history.

You want to see how many people come back to you for further visits vs. the customers that only see you once and never come back. You don’t want this number to be high, as this is a significant lost opportunity to grow profits.

3. Get Client Feedback After Visits

The best time to ask for feedback is when the visit has just finished, and the client is getting ready to leave

You can also catch them on their way to pay. You don’t want them to leave your spa until you know they are happy, because if they walk out unsatisfied with their treatment, there is little chance they will come back to see you again.

This is a great way to catch them when they still are able to tell you good or bad feedback that way you can improve on it, and solve their issues right away, ensuring that when they leave your spa, they leave with a smile and not a frown.

It’s easy to improve your customer retention when done right. If you follow the above steps, you are sure to see a rise in your business for many years to come.

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