How this Busy Salon Owner Freed Up 5+ Hours per Week

salon owner
MahyarKhodaSalonCase Study: He didn’t even have time to buy a shirt!

Mahyar, one of Vancouver’s busiest hair stylists was avoiding implementing online booking software because he “didn’t even have enough time to go buy a new shirt”, let alone implement a new software system into his busy salon. 

Yes, his appointment calendar was full, and his phone was ringing off the hook – but it worked! Business was pretty good. 

After some in-depth discussions with a business coach, Mahyar was finally convinced it was probably time to offer online booking and try to decrease the amount of scheduling calls he dealt with on a daily basis, plus he loved the idea of holding pictures of his client’s hair styles and keeping notes of their processes and products all in one easy to search place. 

After making the decision to implement Yocale, it still took 1-2 month to finally selecting a day to switch.  Change is hard in a busy business! Finally, it was time to commit 100%, and that’s when the magic happened. 

All of a sudden, the phone started ringing less as clients learned how easy it was for them to book their own appointments online, days went a lot smoother and Mahyar finally had time to go buy some new shirts while his business could GROW without him actually being there. 

A win-win-win: happy clients, increased profits a business owner with more time and less stress.

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