How to Get The Most From Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have grown in popularity as small firms and startups rely on virtual offices to operate efficiently. With their ability to ease workloads and provide much-needed skills, virtual assistants are a godsend for many companies.

With VAs working remotely, though, measuring their performance and managing them is not always the easiest thing. Below are some tips and ideas designed to help you get the most out of your virtual assistants.

Establish Clear Communication Pathways

Communication ranks among the most critical factors that affect productivity in the workplace. It improves employee engagement and overall productivity since the flow of information is constant, providing meaningful feedback or suggestions when required.

As a business owner or manager, you must provide clear and explicit instructions to your VA, leaving no room for doubt or second-guessing. It’s especially important when delegating tasks or assigning roles. You want your VA to understand their responsibilities, because the better your communication, the less room for error.

Make use of communication tools and equipment such as video-sharing apps like Zoom or Yocale Meet. They are handy for remote or virtual employees like virtual assistants because you can visually demonstrate what’s required. Good communication ensures employee satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. 

Use Tools And Automation Software

2020 was a life-altering year for everyone and most especially businesses. Employers were forced to reevaluate work practices, with many embracing working from home. Such scenarios posed an important question: does telecommuting improve productivity?

Yes, it does. And this is a fact that is ingrained in the very fabric of virtual assistant work. Thanks to digital advancements, technology has become an essential part of every business and underpinned the rise of the virtual assistant industry. Workplace productivity services such as automation software and tools have made virtual work more straightforward and more productive.

Automation software such as virtual assistant software simplifies your VA’s work and streamlines processes, encouraging productivity. Virtual assistant software allows you to track employee performance and provides time and activity reports so that you can carry out evaluations and provide extra support, where needed.

It’s perfect for all types of remote teams and VA workforces, as it is designed to keep an eye on everything in one location. 

Establish Standard Operating Procedures

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions that outline how to do a task or activity. They are detailed guidelines that a VA can follow. They are crucial in businesses usings VAs, since they provide clear and concise instructions for carrying out specific tasks leaving little room for uncertainty.

It’s beneficial to employ SOPs from the outset of your VA training as they will clearly outline crucial information about your company and what’s expected. With SOPs, VAs will comprehend how to complete tasks, the time involved and how their roles fit with everyone else’s within the business organization. 

Ensure that you make your SOPs known while training your VA. Allowing your VA to learn new abilities and technology places your company at an advantage by giving them a strong standing in the industry. They also get to know about your brand’s goals and values.

Delegate Key Tasks

Delegation is essential for productivity improvement.

Delegation not only works for you as the business owner but increases overall productivity and allows you to focus on specific and essential tasks. By handing over responsibilities such as scheduling important meetings and answering emails, they allow you more time to focus on other essential tasks.

Handing over these small but important tasks to your VA provides you with enough time to utilize your abilities and talents, allowing your business to expand. It also gives them more room to grow and develop additional organizational skills.

Be productive, delegate tasks with your own very own virtual assistant

Set KPIs And Constantly Evaluate

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a quantitative indicator that shows how well a firm performs in relation to its key business objectives and priorities. They are essential because they:

  • Monitor business and employee performance
  • Help in measuring productivity in the workplace
  • Make it easier for you to identify areas in need of adjustment 
  • Help in formulating effective workplace strategies

KPIs also enhance transparency and accountability by making each employee’s work process available to all. They keep everyone focused on the business’s objectives. Setting KPIs helps your VA keep track of their progress and deliver on their responsibilities more effectively.  

By allowing them to monitor their performance, you increase their morale and, subsequently, their productivity. Moreover, establishing KPIs helps your VA pay more attention to detail and also boosts creativity. People with clear KPIs tend to be more innovative, thinking out of the box to devise solutions to any problems they may be facing.

Develop A Close Relationship With Your VA

Your VA is your right-hand person: often, they know your schedule by heart and are responsible for the smooth running of your day-to-day activities. As a result, it is crucial to establish a healthy working relationship.

Communication and openness in company matters will help forge a better relationship and nurture trust. Your VA will work efficiently when they understand your expectations from them. Think of them as part of your team and treat them the same way you’d treat other employees. With VAs working remotely, it might be challenging to manage them as if they were in your office, but this doesn’t make them any less a part of your team.

Fortunately, with automation tools and effective communication strategies, distance should not be an issue. Regularly seek their feedback and ask for their contributions or suggestions on work-related tasks. A successful work relationship provides a strong foundation for a successful business, so invest in one.

Wrapping Up

Getting the most out of your VA is paramount to your business’s success. As such, you must, as the business owner, find ways to ensure you have a solid working relationship with them. Luckily, the above six tips will guarantee that your VA will efficiently accomplish their goals, ensuring your business thrives and expands due to the successful collaboration.

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