How to Create the Perfect Salon Mission Statement (+ Examples!)

Thinking about your salon mission statement but you’re wondering exactly what it should look like?
Look no further!
In this blog post, we’ll cover what a salon mission statement is as well as examples of current salons and their mission statements to use for inspiration.

What is a Mission Statement for a Salon?

A salon mission statement is just a few sentences in length, but it’s one of the most powerful things a business can have in its arsenal.
A salon mission statement outlines why your salon exists as well as the goal of the salon and how you’re going to achieve those goals. It also outlines what makes you unique.
We’ll cover more of the reasons why salon mission statements are so important below, but, in summary, mission statements outline what to work toward, why potential clients should choose you and also serve as direction (and motivation!) for staff.

Salon Mission Statement vs Salon Vision Statement

Many people get a salon vision statement and a salon mission statement confused. A salon mission statement outlines your goals and how you’re going to reach those goals while a salon vision statement describes how you want your salon to look in the future.

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Why Do You Need a Salon Mission Statement?

A salon mission statement is important for several reasons:

  • For Goal-Setting Purposes. First and foremost, a mission statement ensures that you’re always working toward a clearly defined goal.
  • It Serves as the Foundation for Future Decisions. Your mission statement is also your guiding light for all future decisions. In this way, it provides a level of continuity for your salon.
  • It Guides and Motivates Staff. Your salon mission statement guides both you and staff, ensuring that all decisions are made in a way that supports your goals. Secondly, a salon mission statement with an uplifting vision actually helps to motivate staff as well.
  • Attracting New Clients. 71% of consumers prefer buying from companies that are aligned with their values per 5W Public Relations’ 2020 Consumer Culture Report. Sharing your salon mission statement can really help clients choose you over your competitors.

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How Do You Write a Mission Statement for Beauty?

Your mission statement should only be three or four sentences (around 100 words or so), but it should pack a lot of punch.
When writing your mission statement, one of the most important considerations is to think about what makes your salon unique. For instance, while you might be tempted to write about how your goal is to make clients feel beautiful, this is what all salons are trying to achieve. Overall, you should avoid generic statements that could apply to any salon.
If you’re having trouble thinking about what makes your salon unique, consider your strengths – across a range of different services (not just one overall strength).
Your mission statement should answer most, if not all, of these questions:

  • Why do I do what I do?
  • What do clients like about my business?
  • What makes my salon unique?
  • What level of quality do I provide?
  • What kind of relationship do I have with my staff?
  • What are my spending priorities?

What Are Some Examples of a Mission Statement?

Looking for some mission statement inspiration? Look no further.

  1. Life and Colour’s Mission Statement

“ Our diverse and talented team maintains a strong focus on continuing education and training, so our clients always get the most up-to-date services and an authentic, attentive and personalized experience. Why? Because we care. We care about our team, and work together to make the salon a supportive and creative space in which we all flourish professionally. We care about our clients, we listen to them, get real with them, and help them to feel beautiful inside and out. We care about our community and the environment, fostering strong relationships with our neighbors and running our salon as sustainably as possible through the Green Circle Salon network. “

  1. The Grove’s Mission Statement

“ The grove is a group of like-minded individuals, dedicated to honing their craft, mentorship, and raising our industry standard.
We aim to deliver the most beautiful results in the most natural way. We love what we do, and it is our mission to educate our staff and guests on the healthiest way to achieve individual beauty. We continue to work as a group to protect our atmosphere and treat one another with care and respect. We believe in a healthy beauty industry and a healthy atmosphere. “

  1. One 2 One Studio Mission Statement

“ Whether you are tucked away in the sleek and inviting surroundings of the main floor hair studio or the serene atmosphere of One 2 One Spa, your experience is executed by a unique team of educated professionals, who, through thoughtful attention, in a sophisticated luxurious setting elevate your personal grooming and body renewal to a new level.  Where intimacy and excellence meet with forefront techniques and products to orchestrate a genuine moment just for you.
Expect excellence, starting with our state of the art massaging shampoo chairs, complimentary espresso, and informed staff. Our goal is to offer every client complete, undivided and exclusive attention from us to you, One 2 One Studio. “

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Tips for Writing a Salon Mission Statement

1. Be Authentic

While you can get inspiration from above (and elsewhere!), it’s important that you don’t borrow too heavily from other salons and that your vision is true to you. Similarly, it’s also important that your mission statement is also an accurate reflection of your salon.

2. Ensure It’s Clear and Concise

Remember: a salon mission statement should only be three or four sentences long.

3. Review Your Mission Statement from Time to Time

Once you’ve completed your mission statement, it’s a good idea to review it periodically to ensure that it reflects your salon and where you want to be in the future.

Wrapping it Up

A salon mission statement is an important consideration for any salon. It helps differentiate you from your competitors while guiding your staff and ensuring that you always make decisions in pursuit of your vision.

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