Why Barbers Are Using Barbershop Appointment Software


More and more barbershops are using barbershop appointment software because customers want the ability to book online. Barbershop software increases bookings, generates more revenue, provides a better customer experience, streamlines operations and offers valuable insights into your business.


Here’s the thing: the entire appointment scheduling software industry is expected to grow to 764 million dollars over the next four years. Put another way, more and more barbershops are going to be offering online booking in the years to come (if they aren’t already).

Barbershop software is easy to use (no code required) and can also function as a Point-of-Sale, a Client Relationship Management (CRM), a marketing tool and more, giving you lots of bang for your buck.

How Does Barbershop Appointment Software Work?

It takes 15 minutes to set up a scheduling software like Yocale. There’s no code required. Once you sign up, you’ll go on to select the type of business you have, choose what services you want to offer, add staff members and set up your hours. 

That’s it!

The Benefits of Barbershop Appointment Software

1.  Get More Bookings (64% NEW Bookings)

First and foremost, barbershop software is designed to get you more bookings. There are a few reasons behind this:

  • It Keeps Your Business Open 24/7. Nearly 45% of Gen Z clients want to book online. Not only does barbershop appointment software increase bookings, but it also gives you an advantage over businesses that only accept appointments during typical business hours. Yocale has found that bookings increase 43% by simply giving clients the ability to book afterhours. 
  • Automates Rebooking Reminders. You’ll come to see that barbershop appointment software automates much of your business, and this includes rebooking reminders. With rebooking reminders, you’ll encourage customers to visit you sooner than they might have otherwise. With Yocale, you’ll see a 30% increase in repeat bookings as a result.
  • It Meets Your Customers Wherever They Are. Barbershop software increases bookings through the process of adding book buttons to your website, from your social media pages to your Google My Business listing! 

  • It Puts Your Business on Yocale’s Digital Marketplace. Yocale, for instance, places your business on our local marketplace, exposing your barbershop to hundreds of customers who are looking for services just like yours.

2. Generate More Revenue

Barbershop appointment software will also generate more revenue for your business in a variety of other ways (in addition to the increase in bookings). Here are some examples:

  • Reduce No-Shows by 86%.  It is well documented that cancellations have risen since the pandemic. An online booking software automatically sends customers email and text reminders 24 hours before their appointment.
  • Multi-Services and Packages. A good scheduling software is also designed to maximize your profits. With Yocale, for instance, clients can book multiple services at once, making it very easy and convenient for barbershops to “upsell” and “cross sell.” Similarly, barbershop software makes it easy to offer packages as well, therein increasing the total volume of sales. 

If you aren’t already offering packages at your barbershop, we recommend reading this blog post here.   

3. Provide a Better Customer Experience

Barbershop appointment software allows you to provide a better customer experience in several ways. First, online scheduling makes you a premier customer service provider. Secondly, barbershop software also functions as a CRM. With that, you can:

  • View Client History + Add Notes = Personalized Service. Barbershop appointment software makes it possible for you to view each client’s appointment history, payment history, etc. as well as add personalized notes at each appointment such as their birthday or products they like. This allows you to remember the details about your clients so you can provide a personalized and memorable experience each and every time.

Barbershop CRM

This is important because research shows that today’s customers are looking for personalization. In fact, research from Epsilon shows that customers are 80% more likely to make a purchase when brands make personalized experiences. By remembering that Tom mentioned dry hair in his last visit, he’ll be much more impressed when you not only mention it but also create a personalized experience around it during his next visit. Even better, he’ll be much more likely to say “yes” when you recommend a leave-in conditioner formulated for dry hair.

  • Maintain Relationships with Automated Email Messages. With built-in marketing tools, you can send personalized (but still automated) messages to your clients such a happy birthday message. Improve your relationships by reaching out with a fully customizable, personalized email that lets them know you care. 

4. Streamline Operations + Save Time

Barbershop appointment software streamlines operations for a smoother running barbershop in a multitude of ways:

  • Functions as a POS. Barbershop software can also function as a POS, allowing you to accept payments easily as well as create invoices. You can also take pre-payments and deposits as well, not only helping you to eliminate no-shows but also reducing payment processing time.
  • Puts Staff Schedules on the Cloud. Barbershop appointment software also manages your staff schedules as well. For instance, staff can easily access their schedules from the cloud and alter the availability on there, too. Plus, they’ll get notifications whenever customers book, reschedule or cancel appointments.
  • Everything Stored Securely in One Place. Barbershop software allows you to store documentation securely in the cloud, allowing you to have access to information wherever you are. You’ll reduce paper clutter in the process as well.
  • Automates Your Business. Barbershop appointment software automates many aspects of the scheduling process. From the actual appointments to appointment and rebooking reminders, barbershop software frees up time and makes your business function more efficiently. 

5. Get Valuable Business Insights

Barbershop appointment software can tell you very valuable information about your barbershop with its reporting tools. For instance, it can tell you:

  • Your Most Popular Services
  • How Many Times Each Individual Client Rebooks or Cancels Appointments 
  • Your Most Loyal Clients

barbershop appointment software

When you have this information easily accessible, you are in a much better position to make better decisions for your barbershop so you can get ahead.

Wrapping It Up

Barbershop appointment software is a critical investment for barbershops and it’s only going to continue to be over time as more and more barbershops continue to offer online booking.

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