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All-in-one EMR for physical therapy by Yocale

Transform your physio clinic with our ultra-friendly, free physical therapy software. Streamlined physical therapy practice management, swift charting, and exceptional practice growth.


Physical therapy EMR software with everything in one place

Digitize your filing cabinet and create patient profiles to store client details, appointment history, forms, SOAP documentation, invoices and reminders electronically for a more convenient and paperless practice.

Appointment & pt progress note

Have a 360-degree view of patient profiles and cases at your fingertips. Store patient details, appointment history, forms, documents, SOAP notes, invoices/payment history, reminders, diagnostic images (X-rays and CT scans), other documentation and more, accessible from anywhere you are, across any device. Plus, easily identify pending forms and unpaid or partially paid payments directly from each patient’s record and follow up with a click.


Manage outstanding tasks

Easily identify pending forms and unpaid or partially paid payments directly from each patient’s record. Plus, follow up with a click.


Track no-shows

Track no-shows/canceled appointments and tardiness at every appointment, which will influence a client’s trust score. Plus, see individual booking revenue.


Automatic electronic filing

Back-up files faster, easier and more securely than paper-based records. Write and store SOAP notes automatically within each patient’s record and quickly retrieve ad-hoc notes in a pop-up style. Plus, enable protection and encryption of all charts.


Online Booking

Physical therapy scheduling that takes care of itself

Physical therapy
scheduling  that takes care of itself

Easy, self-made bookings. Improve front-office efficiency by allowing patients to book appointments online, 24/7. Plus, link forms to the online booking process, get paid upfront and send automated reminders.

  • Online bookings or requests

  • Online bookings or requests

    Accept automatic online bookings or appointment requests, your way, your rules!

    Smart-match PT services with the appropriate therapist booked in the right room.

  • Online portal

  • Client portal

    Empower your clients with a self-service portal to easily manage their appointments, online forms, invoices, and even provide you SEO optimized online reviews.

  • Smart physical therapy scheduling

  • Smart physical therapy scheduling

    Flexibly design your online booking schedule. Only offer certain services on Monday afternoons? Need less time for some services? Completely customize your schedule.

    Block time off (including recurring time off) so that your smart calendar shows when therapists and resources like tables are available. Plus, sync all of your calendars.

  • Admin & physio therapist notifications

  • Admin & physio therapist notifications

    Trigger admin and physical therapy alerts for all appointments. Trigger notifications via text, email and the calendar assistant so you can fill last-minute openings.

    Reschedule with a single click.

  • Automated intake & consent forms

  • Automated intake & consent forms

    Link forms (intake forms) to the booking process. Link forms to specific services and send automatically. Forms will be saved in each client’s record.

    See when clients have outstanding forms and follow up with a click.

  • Auto booking policies & payments

  • Auto booking policies & payments

    Incorporate rules and policies like minimum notice time, cancellation, or waivers in your booking process and require clients to complete and/or sign off.

    Save cards on file or accept deposits for built-in no-shiow protection and faster check-out.