What To Look For In A Clinic Scheduling Software

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Whether you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, holistic nutritionist or owner of a doctor’s office, we believe it is critical you have the best clinic software for your practice. Why? Because a great clinic scheduling software, such as medical spa software or counseling scheduling software, can allow you to focus on what is really important – your clients.

Here are 16 questions to guide you to choosing a clinic scheduling software that works best for your staff, your practice and your patients.

1) Is The Online Scheduling Software Easy To Use?

Can you create calendar, schedule, services, and length of treatments without looking through instructions? Can you add staff without requiring technical support? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track.

2) Can Clinicians Chart Confidentially? 

Online booking software for clinicians must provide the opportunity for therapists to input client charts and notes. It also must be securely encrypted to guarantee patient confidentiality.

3) Is Information Available Outside The Clinic? 

A clinic management software that allows you and your clients to book, update and revise information is critical. When a clinic software stores information for you on a cloud, you can ensure it stays updated, and you don’t risk losing client information when you’ve entered it on the go or while out of the clinic.

It is essential that your clients and patrons can book appointments from their smartphones at any time and from anywhere.

4) Is Information Accessible, 24/7?

While your clinic or practice is not likely to be open 24/7, that doesn’t mean your clients shouldn’t be able to book appointments and treatments whenever they like.

A clinic management software that is available to you and your clients whenever it suits their schedule puts your clinic and practice ahead of facilities which are only available between 9-5.

5) Can Clients Revise Appointments?

An effective clinic scheduling software allows clients to request a treatment on a day and time that works for them. This feature allows clinicians to accept, decline or propose new times for appointments without needing to maintain an updated calendar.

6) Can Clinic Software Send SMS And Email Reminders?

Does your clinic’s current software system avoid no-shows or remind clients before they forget about their appointment? A clinic software that automatically sends patients appointment reminders 24 hours before treatment through email and SMS.

7) Should A Software Provide Automatic Invoices?

Absolutely! An intuitive software, allows practitioners to move from one client to the next without having to worry about creating and sending invoices after treatments. Online booking software should automatically send invoices so you can focus on your work and enjoy your deserved downtime at the end of the day.

8) Can A Clinic Software Grow With My Business? 

As your clinic and practice grow, ensure your clinic’s scheduling software can handle it. Be sure the software you choose can add and remove staff, change and add locations, and update hours and services offered.

9) What If My Clinic And Practice Keeps Growing?

Don’t allow your clinic’s software system’s limitations, prevent your clients from booking an appointment. Select a booking software that allows unlimited treatments and clients so you can be as busy as you want to be.

10) Do All Clinic Softwares Link With External Calendars? 

Not all software allows you to combine your other personal and professional calendars. A well-thought-out booking software will allow clinicians and staff to sync their work schedule with their external personal and professional calendars.

11) Can A Scheduling Software Book Appointments Like A Our Receptionist?

If you’ve got a receptionist, who is excellent at finding gaps in your practitioner’s schedules, then yes! A good clinic management software will avoid wasted time in your schedule by ensuring your software has “no-gap” scheduling and can present clients with optimal booking times.

Allow your software to work on booking appointments so your receptionist can take on more heavy lifting.

12) What About Clients Who Have Reoccurring Appointments?

Book clients again, again and again. Your software should allow this to be easy and help grow your patient’s loyalty and return rate.

13) How Accessible Is The Software’s Technical Support And Help Centre? 

If you need help with your software, make sure it’s available to you. Whether you have questions about software usage, or updating your information, make sure you can speak, email and chat to a software professional to get your problem solved, quickly.

14) How Can Clinic Software Support Business Development?

Make sure your software sends friendly reminders to clients throughout the year, reminding them they haven’t been in for a treatment recently. This is a great feature for practitioners and clinic owners who care about business development.

15) Does Clinic Scheduling Software Use A Marketplace Too?

It should! Online booking software like Yocale, allow businesses to have visibility with clients as they book appointments in other industries.

Wouldn’t it be great if your clinic got noticed while someone booked an appointment with a nearby gym or salon? With customers using Yocale, they don’t need to log in or make a new profile to book an appointment across industries.

16) What About Business Reporting?

Understand your business, easily. Clinicians and clinic owners should choose a booking software that allows them to have insights into their business. Recognizing how many appointments you’ve booked or how many clients have viewed your profile are valuable tools to succeeding in your business.

No matter what type of practitioner or clinician you are, we believe a business’s success results from the organization and implementation of a strong system.

If your practice and clinic are interested in implementing an advanced, user-friendly clinic management system to better your business, and support your clinic’s busy schedule, get in touch with us! We would love to support you and the efficiency of your business.

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