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Medical Spa Marketing To Boost Your Profits

The sound of running water. Fragrances of eucalyptus and lavender wafting through the air.

As a medical spa owner, you go to great lengths to ensure that your customers leave your spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Many spa owners go out of their way to create tranquil, stress-relieving spaces – but they often forget to ensure the back-end of their business feels the same way!

After all, running a medical spa is a business, and without conscious marketing efforts, it’s hard to reap the profits that you deserve. Often, spas are so caught up in creating the best possible experience for their customers that they neglect marketing, leading to missed opportunities and poor profits.

As expenses pile up and stress builds, many spa owners are left scrambling to implement marketing strategies that are either too expensive or just straight-up don’t work. This hasty approach usually results in a further dent in profits – not to mention considerable frustration and headaches!

But thankfully, with the right tools, online marketing can be both effective and effortless. There’s no need to be a marketing expert, either – software like Yocale can do the job for you!

Without further ado – here are three killer marketing strategies that can power-up your spa and boost your profits well into the new year. A happy new year to you, indeed!

Stay In Touch With Your Clients With Email Marketing

Repeat business is one of the biggest profit-drivers for spas and salons. Consider Toronto-based Alma Natural Quick Spa, who in its first year had converted two-thirds of its 1,500 client base into repeat customers.

So what’s the trick? How do you keep clients coming back?

Aside from providing excellent service, email marketing is a great way to solidify repeat business with your satisfied clients.

Many spas are held in high favor by customers and receive consistently high community ratings, but their profits actually suffer due to a lack of marketing. Often relying solely on word of mouth, these spas skimp on internal marketing efforts – meaning once an appointment has concluded, that’s it – their customer is left to rebook on their own, without incentive or reminder.

And when you’re trying to boost profits, letting business literally walk out the door just won’t cut it.

But, that’s where email marketing comes in. Let your clients know you care with fully-automated, customized emails, sent whenever you’d prefer.

After customizing your email template to suit your business, scheduling software with email marketing built-in makes it effortless to get in touch with your most treasured clients. You can remind your clients to rebook with a “We Miss You!” email, or even wish them a “Happy Birthday!” – all with just a few clicks.

Best of all, email marketing requires little effort and cost on your part, unlike traditional snail mail marketing. You can send an unlimited number of messages whenever you’d like at no added expense!

Keep Loyal Clients Coming Back

Your clients likely turn to your services to escape from the often busy reality of their own lives. However, once their appointment has concluded, remembering to book another might not come naturally – at least, not without a little reminder!

Rebooking reminders are a fantastic way to boost client retention and score more bookings for businesses of all kinds – medical spas included! In fact, Yocale estimates that clients that receive reminders will visit a business 30 to 50 percent more times a year than clients who don’t receive reminders.

From a profit perspective, those numbers aren’t worth passing up on – and thankfully, scheduling software makes sending online rebooking reminders hassle-free.

The best scheduling software sends strategically timed reminders to your clients automatically via SMS text or email. And, a convenient “book now” button allows clients to then create their next appointment right from their mobile device or computer.

Armed with always-on rebooking reminders and 24/7 online booking, you can count on seeing the friendly faces of your clients a lot more often!

Skip Out On No-Shows With Client Notifications

As a service-based business, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a fully-booked schedule ahead of you. But, it won’t mean much if your clients don’t show up!

The final piece of the marketing puzzle tightens up your business at-hand by surmounting one of the biggest pitfalls for service businesses of all kinds. That’s right – the dreaded no-show.

As any service worker likely knows, when a client doesn’t show up for an appointment, it can decimate profits and reduce overall staff morale. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter whether a client simply forgot their appointment or if they decided to skip out entirely – the fix is the same!

Business marketing often gets the reputation of being strictly promotional – but client notifications steer your business in the right direction by preventing annoyances like appointment no-shows from ever happening in the first place.

Just like email marketing, scheduling software can send automated reminders via email or SMS text to your clients whenever an appointment is near.

With nearly 300 million mobile phone users in North America in 2017, odds are your clients will get the message.

There’s no need to have receptionists churn out call after call or set up an archaic voicemail service – with client notifications you can simply set it and forget it!

As a bonus, you’ll also be able to free up your business phone lines for more valuable client interactions – such as comments or questions. There’s no need to waste the time and charisma of your staff – scheduling software keeps your customers updated automatically without the need for a single wasted breath.

After all, if time is money – it’s best well-spent!

These are just several ways scheduling software can help you make the most of your medical spa in 2018. Remember – with the right tools, your business can be as flexible as you are!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post! For more on business strategy, online and off – keep up with us here, five days a week at the Yocale blog!

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