3 Tools You Need to Start a Successful Lash Business as a “Lashpeneur”

Here’s the deal. You’re determined to start a profitable eyelash extension business. The first step is always a challenge but lucky for you a quick Google search brings up an exponential range of information right at your fingertips. You start scanning the first article and move on to the next. You should have more information by now but instead, feeling inundated. This is a relatable experience with any mission.

Instead of emulating information already available on the world wide web, we’ve provided step by step tactics and corresponding resources to start a successful lash business. If you plan on launching a mobile lash business, this blog will steer you in the right direction.

In addition, we’ve published 10 Tips For Setting Up An Eyelash Extension Business which stimulated many of our readers to launch their own lash business. So, what was the inspiration to cumulate new information on this topic? A friend who had an overall negative experience with her lash extension appointment last week. Let’s visualize the scenario as she encountered it.

Appointment Without Online Booking

Her first issue was the check in process where she was greeted by a clipboard full of papers. Something about screening for Covid-19 symptoms followed by forms in regard to to her actual treatment. The appointment was booked for 1.5 hours but a fat portion of that time was wasted on the check-in process, making her tardy for her subsequent appointment.  The client was asked to print a COVID form, fill it, scan it and send back or download an app to sign it electronically.

She also wasn’t impressed with the initial booking tactic as her exact words were “Confirming the appointment was such a hassle.” To be fair, her lashes looked great but she felt obligated to leave a negative review and voice her experience. Let’s keep in mind that this was not a rookie salon, but a reputable business.

Her second issue was the lack of option for (contactless) payment methods. She was hoping the money would be subtracted automatically from her credit card but instead, exposure was exchanged for payment. With the pandemic making simple transactions difficult, it’s essential to prepare for clients in advance and avoid unnecessary nuisances correlated with your business.

This is why it’s highly important to power up your business on autopilot with a true all-in-one solution software. Now, let’s switch it up and visualize a scenario where the business had offered an online booking solution.

Appointment With Online Booking

Let’s address the interpretation associated with the initial booking of the appointment. If the business offered online scheduling, the need for back and forth phone calls would be eliminated and all notifications would be automatic. For instance, appointment reminders and confirmations would be sent via text or email, reducing no-show appointments.

This smart multilingual gadget can be added to any website, hassle free. Access your very own Widget code from the tools section in your Yocale profile. What’s more? You can fully customize the Widget to match your needs and preference. For instance, you can customize the Location/Service/Provider fields on the booking Widget to represent your industry. An example of this is personalizing the provider field to “Lash Technician”.

Did we mention that you can keep your front desk area area germ-free by receiving payments through Stripe? Your clients would appreciate this contactless method of payment.

Now, let’s address the other hesitation that the customer experienced; Lack of consideration for her time. If the salon had adapted to a virtual scheduling software with form capabilities, screening the client in advance would save massive time and energy.

Digital Forms

Evolving to an all in one solution software, you can create a plethora of forms and require them for a service. In our real life example, the client wanted eyelash extensions and the provider needed her information to create a client file, her consent and signature to perform the service and minor history details. Basically, the business expected the client to go out of their way to do so.

If the booking was done with Yocale, the customer would be required to fill out the form from the comfort of her home. Your business would then receive the information required in advance. Besides, the clients information would automatically be added to the client database and the completed form (along with e-signature) would be updated electronically.

Using Yocale’s form feature, your business can assimilate these benefits and more:

  • Customized Template Builder: Create beautiful, powerful and responsive form with drag-and-drop form builder. Upload images effortlessly to forms and reference client progress or simply create surveys. 
  • Kiosk Mode: Clients can fill out a consent form on a shared device, such as a tablet or computer, without having access back into your Yocale account. We take pride in your privacy. 
  • Form Annotation: Interpret on any type of form including feedback forms, facial forms, and evaluation forms. Annotate client progress in detail.

Here is a demo video illustrating the form feature:

Adapting to this virtual technique will eliminate the timely check in process and addressing clients with a stack of papers.

Google Reserve

Online is full of possibilities. To acquire as many customers as possible, try an opportunity like Reserve with Google. What is Reserve with Google? It’s a BOOK NOW button that goes directly on your Google my business listing. Since Yocale is an official Google Reserve partner, your availability will be extracted from your Yocale profile and be presentable to potential customers that search you through Google. This convenience will motivate customers to book their eyelash extension with you right there and then, obliterating the need for phone calls.

Watch how this program operates directly from the Google Reserve homepage:

By Request Appointment

A bonus feature for you. If you are new to the virtual booking world and would like to test out the process first, you can do so by creating by request appointments. This will provide you the opportunity to confirm the appointment first,- instead of it being confirmed automatically.

Recurring Appointment

A bonus feature for you. With Yocale’s recurring feature, you can create recurring appointment(s) for your clients next lash fill or full set! This strategy will increase the probability of clients becoming repeat and loyal customers.

Wrapping it Up

Did you know? 160,000 trees are cut on a daily average with an astonishing percentage used for the paper industry. What’s worst? Paper forms are slow and misuse your time. Yocale’s form feature is your one stop solution to digitize, track and automate your clients progress without the paperwork, precisely.  

Adapt to risk management practices and screen your patients for Covid-19. Liberate your time and energy and prioritize a safe environment. Allow your clients to submit forms from the comfort of their home and receive the results in real-time with email notifications. Know your clients before meeting them and create beautiful client relationships.

Need help setting up your eyelash extension business? Want more clients? Yocale is home to the leading scheduling software on the market. Our easy-to-use calendar gives you the extra hand to both run and grow your business at once. Click here to sign up for FREE or learn more.

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