52 Mobile Service Business Ideas

mobile service businesses

In the “Uber-ized” economy, people are asking for more on-demand service than every before. Convenience-craving customers are always looking for a way to do things better, faster and cheaper. Offering your service with a more flexible schedule and in their chosen location gives you a huge advantage to win their business over traditional options.  The key challenges of running a mobile business are irregular hours, traffic headaches and travelling costs but you can definitely make up for them with lower overhead, higher profit margins and a more flexible lifestyle.

If you think this might be the perfect route for you as an entrepreneur or a seasoned professional looking to switch things up, here’s some ideas and inspiration. With all these ideas to choose from, you have no excuse not to get started today with your own service business.

52 Service businesses that you can offer as a mobile provider, no business location required:

    1. Mobile Pet Grooming

      Snip, clip and brush your way to success as a mobile pet groomer. Fido and his owner will both appreciate the convenience of a “doorstep” doggie-grooming service. With the proper training and experience, a van and some grooming tools, start barking up the right tree by marketing your business in your neighborhood and others.

    2. Dog Walking

      Busy dog owners only want the best for their furry friends, so when they’re too busy or unable to take them out for some healthy exercise and fresh air, they call in a fellow dog-lover to take the lead.  Being able to handle multiple leashes and be a proficient pooper scooper can make your time more profitable.  Must love dogs.

    3. Mobile Diaper Delivery & Cleaning Service

      Whoever said cloth diapers couldn’t be convenient–and user-friendly? Velcro diaper “wraps” replace awkward pins, and pickup and delivery take the dirty work out of diapering. Equipped with a “clean,” propane-fueled delivery truck and some washing machines, you can provide an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. Talk about changing for the better.

    4. Dry-Cleaning Pickup & Delivery

      Provide pickup and drop-off at a place that’s convenient for busy professionals, then follow suit by arranging with a local dry cleaner to do the actual cleaning.Are you clothes-minded? Then try on the dry-cleaning pickup-and-delivery business for size.

    5. Mobile Locksmith

      You hold the keys to success as a mobile locksmith. For best results, be ready for 24-hour action with a cell phone and van. With some training and basic equipment, you’ll have this business mastered–lock, stock and barrel.

    6. Mobile Self-Defense Instructor

      You can never feel too safe or secure. People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the self-defense skills you can teach them. Get your business jump-started by training others in the disciplines you’ve learned–Aikido, Karate, or simply basic safety-awareness skills.

    7. Mobile Adventure Tours

      Put your service on the road to success by coordinating transportation, food and lodging. Your clients only need to worry about one thing: having fun.Got a taste for adventure? Whether it’s exploring South American caves or touring English teahouses, you’re sure to find a fanatic following . . . so long as you do all the footwork first.

    8. Mobile Massage

      Success is close at hand for mobile massage providers. Advertise your stress-relieving services at local workout clubs, spas and physical therapists’ offices. Then bring your trained hands–and a portable massage table–to clients’ homes or places of work.  Find an online booking software that allows you to set your travel range so you never have to worry new bookings are too far away.

    9. Mobile Personal Chef

      Cook up tasty profits as a personal chef. Those with culinary competence can likely find a hungry clientele among the ranks of America’s busy working families. Or, market your business to clients for those special occasions when they prefer to dine in–complete with restaurant-quality food and service.

    10. Mobile Mechanic

      As a mobile mechanic, a good knowledge of automobile repair techniques and a list of referrals help you rev up sales. Put your business in the fast lane by bringing your service directly to clients’ homes or places of business.

    11. Mobile Court-Paper Serving

      You can’t beat the legal system . . . as a great resource for business, that is. Private attorneys, who lack the time to do much footwork themselves, often turn to registered court-paper processors to serve their summonses. Come judgment day, you’ll be courting success.

    12. Mobile Mystery Shopping

      Now, you can shop till you drop . . . and get paid for it! Just put on your shopping shoes and put service personnel to the test as a “mystery” shopper. Rate local retail stores’ employees on attitude, friendliness, and overall quality of service, then report back to your store-owner clients, helping them to ensure their service really is number one.

    13. Mobile Car-Wash and Detailing

      Take your business on the road, and clean up on profits as a mobile car-wash and detailing pro. Let a little soap and water do wonders . . . along with a few rags, brushes, and elbow grease; then drive home sales by marketing your services to car dealers, rental fleet owners, and corporations.

    14. Professional Organizer

      A little OCD about organizing? If you’re got a knack for neatness, why not help the organizationally challenged? Messy closets, home offices and commercial offices alike could benefit from a more efficient setup. Put some order into others’ lives, and arrange yourself some pretty profits.

    15. Mobile Tutoring

      Thought your proficiency in high school algebra was all for naught? Think again: As a tutor, you could help others bone up on their studies. Whether it’s reading, writing or arithmetic, help your students reach the top of their class with a little experienced guidance and support.

    16. Mobile Power Washing

      Oily driveways, mud-caked semi trucks, or barnacle-ridden boats . . . You name it, and entrepreneurs equipped with specialized power-washing equipment can probably clean it. For spotless results, target commercial as well as residential customers.

    17. Mobile Windshield Repair

      To find potential clients for your windshield-repair business, simply canvas local parking and used-car lots for cars with cracked, chipped windshields. A basic repair kit enables you to offer clients what is clearly a better alternative to costly glass replacement.

    18. Packing and Unpacking Service

      Packing up to move to a new home or office–not to mention unpacking on the other end–is enough to leave one feeling upended. Thank goodness for packing and unpacking entrepreneurs who, with their hassle- and time-saving services, make moving seem like magic.

    19. Mobile Computer Repair

      In today’s computer-based society, computer “downtime” can be both costly and aggravating. As a repair professional–equipped with some basic diagnostic equipment and technological savvy–you can get clients’ computers back up and humming again.

    20. Mobile Video Team (social media & promotional video creation)

      Love making videos and have a knack for editing?  Turn your hobby, skills and talents into a profit making machine by helping companies and events record and share their stories online and through social media.  As video marketing becomes more important, you’ll never have to worry about running out of work.

    21. Limousine/Specialty Care Service

      With a limo or a cool rig and some insurance, you could be the driving force behind a new business venture. Stretch your market by adding more drivers and cars to your fleet. Then, once you’ve established a reliable reputation, start driving home your limousine-service sales.

    22. Mobile Language Translation Services

      Falling foreign-trade barriers and improved communication technology translate into success for language translators and interpreters. An ear for multiple languages puts you at the forefront of this global movement.

    23. Office Plant Maintenance

      Set your roots in a growing business as an office-plant-maintenance entrepreneur. Regular watering, light pruning, and fertilizing are all in a day’s work. Though a green thumb is helpful, some clients may also request maintenance of their silk plants. Either way, your business is sure to grow.

    24. Apartment-Prepping/Rental Turnover Cleaning

      Move in on the housing market with some basic plumbing, painting, caulking and scrubbing skills. Busy landlords and leasing offices can both benefit from your handyman skills, while you, in turn, make some handy profits repairing vacated units for clients’ new tenants.

    25. Debt-Collection Service

      Money makes the world go ’round: You get paid when your clients get paid by the people who you get to pay them. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be: As a debt collector, it pays in more ways than one to have some persistence in tracking down clients’ delinquent debtors.

    26. Restaurant Delivery Service

      When “Let’s do lunch” means eating at the office, an ordinary sack lunch doesn’t have to suffice. Thanks to restaurant deliverers, busy professionals can order their meals from local restaurants. By collecting a delivery charge and tip, operators get a good taste of entrepreneurial success.

    27. Mobile Catering

      A caterer’s place is in the kitchen . . . cooking up hot profits, that is. So long as your kitchen is commercially approved–and you’ve got a knack for stirring up some “dough”–you’ve got the makings for savory success. Service weddings, holiday parties, and other festive gatherings; if you’re lucky, clients will have your cake and eat it, too!

    28. Window Washing

      Business has never been clearer for window washers. Grab your bucket, squeegee, and glass-cleaning solution, and rap at the dirty windows of local businesses and residences alike. Add repeat customers, and you’ll soon be on a winning streak.

    29. Power Washing

      If you’re an entrepreneur equipped with specialized power-washing equipment, all you have to do is find oily driveways, mud-caked semi trucks, or barnacle-ridden boats . . . you name it, and some business or person will probably want you to clean it. For spotless results, target commercial as well as residential customers.

    30. Mobile Handyman Services

      If it’s broke, you can fix it. Advertise in local newspapers and bulletin boards, then get busy repairing everything from leaky pipes and stopped-up toilets to jammed cabinet drawers and broken windows.

    31. Home-Entertainment Installation

      Just watch a novice attempt to connect the wires, cables and other components of their new or relocated stereo and television equipment, and you’re likely to view consumer impatience at its finest. But with your sound electrical and wiring expertise, you’ll have all systems buzzing in no time. To make your service more valuable, you can add pool booking and reservation system to your product.

    32. Mobile Pool Care Services

      Make a splash in the pool-services business with little more than some cleaning equipment and a water-test kit. Just load up your tools in your car and make the rounds in your neighborhood. Then dive right into business by marketing your service to homeowners’ associations, apartment complexes and individual residences.

    33. Mobile Lawn Care and Yard Work

      When push comes to shove, you’ve probably got what it takes to make some “green.” Just roll up your sleeves and start mowing, clipping and fertilizing lawns for office complexes and residential clients alike.

    34. Home-Inspection Service

      A keen eye for structural detail paves the way to success in your home-inspection service. Start by assessing clients’ homes for problems such as structural damage and foundation abnormalities, then refer customers to contractors who can ensure their homes are in good repair.

    35. House Painting

      Brush up on your painting skills, and get ready to paint the town red–or white, blue or beige, for that matter. Just load up your truck with brushes, rollers and ladders, and get primed for business! Houseace is a good example of house painters using automation, online client management and online quoting to make their business a success

    36. Local Moving Service

      Be a mover and shaker with your own local moving service. This is no business for the faint of heart, however: Make sure you’re equipped with some upstanding leveraging techniques . . . as well as brawn.

    37. House-Sitting

      Is there a sitter in the house? If so, homeowners can rest assured that, while they’re away, their plants and pets will be tended to. Don’t wait for opportunity to come knocking; a reliable set of references get you in the door.

    38. Pet-Food and Supplies Home Delivery

      Lugging pounds of pet food and supplies from the store each week or so can be a burden on pet owners, but it’s certainly not too much for pet-delivery entrepreneurs. Once you’ve sniffed out some leads, start serving up success by delivering pet supplies directly to customers’ doors.

    39. Custom Closet System Installations

      Calling all closet-organizing fanatics: It’s time to come out and show your stuff! With a few hooks and shelves, and a lot of creativity (but checking any fear of small spaces at the door), you’ve got the makings of a custom closet-systems pro . . . with plenty of room to grow. New homeowners and long-time closet accumulators alike make up your potential clientele.

    40. Residential Cleaning

      Not only is residential cleaning a good way to keep a body busy, but it’s also a way to clean up some profits while you’re at it. Start on the ground floor by mopping, sweeping and dusting one house, and work your way up from there!

    41. Computer Repair

      In today’s computer-based society, computer “downtime” can be both costly and aggravating. As a repair professional-equipped with some basic diagnostic equipment and technological savvy-you can get clients’ computers back up and humming again.

    42. Children’s Party Planning & Entertaining

      Do parents a favor and plan their next children’s party. From hiring Sesame Street character look-alikes to coordinating games, decorations and food, you’re sure to be the life of the party by allowing parents to relax and have fun, too. Plan birthday, holiday, and religious-ceremony celebrations . . . and let the festivities begin!

    43. Child Care

      Whether you “sit” at your place or theirs, you’ll find busy parents aren’t your only clients; many office complexes, gyms and other businesses need quality child care, too.

    44. Children’s Outdoor Fitness Programs

      If there’s one thing that never seems to run out, it’s a kid’s supply of energy. Tap into that vast resource with a children’s fitness program. Put your knowledge of children’s education and physical fitness to the test by renting a location, then coordinate activities such as tumbling, dance, gymnastics and karate. And hop to it!

    45. Children’s Transportation (Carpool) Service

      For working and nonworking parents alike, transporting junior to and from school (as well as to after-school activities) can become, well, taxi-ing. By providing a reliable children’s transportation service, you give busy parents a break-and keep their busy kids on schedule.

    46. Mobile Baby-Proofing

      Stairs, cabinets, electrical cords and outlets-they’re all potential baby hazards. New parents, grandparents, and even baby sitters could all benefit from a more kid-friendly house. So grab your tools and be prepared to get down on your hands and knees (it helps to view things from a baby’s perspective).

    47. Senior In-Home Care

      The sector spans services from registered nurses who provide in-home medical treatment, change dressings and end-of-life care, to personal support workers who help with shopping, meal preparation, bathing, companionship and managing medication dosages. It can be around-the-clock care or a few hours a week.

    48. Photography

      With your eye for photo opportunities-at weddings, parties, special events and more-you could be zooming in on profits as a freelance photographer. Be prepared to work weekends and evenings (when many clients will need your services) and to hire an assistant to help you juggle your photo paraphernalia.

    49. Errand Runner/Personal Shopper

      Calling all shopaholics: Here’s one business where you can truly shop till you drop . . . without spending a penny of your own! Personal shoppers-who may also perform other errands, such as picking up prescriptions or buying groceries-can never complain about a lack of things to do.

    50. Mobile Disc Jockey

      As a mobile disc jockey, weddings, parties and other events are all music to your ears. Start jammin’ with a collection of compact discs, a CD player, and a speaker system, then pass on the word about your services to wedding and event planners.

    51. Mobile Collectibles Search & Craigslist Agent.

      Collectibles searchers, who carefully canvas swap meets, thrift stores and garage sales, can collect a bundle locating objets d’art for clients. Once you’ve found your niche–be it antique lunch boxes, dolls or grandfather clocks–advertise your services in hobbyist publications, at collectibles stores, in specialty forums on the internet, or on eBay. Soon you’ll be taking up a collection of your own.

    52. Wedding-Planning Service

      Getting married isn’t always as simple as saying, “I do.” There’s a caterer to be contracted, a location to be rented, and flowers to be ordered. So when it comes to making matrimony a more harmonious event for the new couple and their families, wedding planners take the cake.

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