How to Make an Online Booking System in 30 minutes

If you are within the service business, learning how to make an online booking system in 30 minutes is prominent.

If you want to captivate more customers, your best bet is to simplify booking appointments online- as simple and enjoyable as eating cherry pie. An online booking system is beneficial to the business owner and their staff, but as well attracts new consumers and provides a competitive edge.

The more repetitive tasks you automate with dynamic technology, the more focus and energy you can nurture within other areas of your professional career. Whether you’re in the medical field, financial industry, fitness trainer or any other type of service based business, you’ll need technology to automate tasks in areas like client management, marketing, productivity, and processes.

An online booking system provides the resources to evolve within your business and all it takes is 30 minutes. Let’s identify the simple steps to get you started.

What Is An Online Booking System and How Do I Choose the Best One?

An online booking software, such asYocale’s therapy appointment software or medspa software, simplifies, automates, and accelerates the booking process by fast paperless client data transfer, ensuring fast and secure payment and deposits, internal calendar and scheduling, video conferencing and a plethora of other resources.

An effective online booking system should exude the capability to support all service based businesses – from small to enterprise. The booking demand and magnitude of the business is generally classified into the following:

  • For small to medium sized businesses. Require a smaller scale of requirements due to less staff members and less booking volume.
  • For medium to large enterprises. Require high volume bookings and reservations per month with more staff and resources required.

Primary, identify your business need for acquiring an online booking system. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself when selecting the best online booking system for your services:

  1. Do I need access to calendar and scheduling?
  2. Do I need new ways for customer to find and book my services online?
  3. Do I need client management tools?
  4. Do I need access to reporting and customer insights?
  5. Do I need online payments and pre deposits?
  6. Do I need access to new customers and better online visibility?
  7. Do I need video conferencing for video consultations to carry out appointments online?

Once you identify your need, it’s time to search for an online booking software that would meet (or what we like to strive for), exceed your needs.

Free Trial

We highly advise trying out the software of choice first to see if you like the look and feel of the booking system. For instance, most online booking systems offer the opportunity to try their software for free. Before committing to a trial, make sure the online booking company offers:

  • Excellent customer support in an efficient manner
  • Has positive reviews online
  • Has been operating for more than five years
  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • User-friendly – Easy to use and beautifully designed

Now that you have selected the booking system to fit your needs, the next step would be to automate your online booking system in 30 minutes (or less).

Automate Online Booking System in 30 Minutes

Fast forward and let’s decipher you’ve selected Yocale as your online booking software of choice. Congratulations, you’ve made the smart choice! Let’s build your online booking profile so you can experience 34% more bookings after hours.

Build your Profile

Start your journey here, sign up and follow the business registration wizard to set up your business details. Details such as your type of profession, services offered, and if you are more than a one-person operation add your staff so they get a welcome email, too! Last, go ahead and set up your business hours. Voila, you’re halfway done.

You’ll see this popup and from the following options, we recommend selecting “view your profile page”:

Online booking profile

From the profile page, use the photo tab and upload an image that best represents your business. Next, from your business profile, choose schedule to set up your availability and become one step closer to getting booked and busy.

Set up online booking schedule

Set Up Online Payments

Accepting contactless payments and pre-authorized deposits online at the point of scheduling is a major factor in client no-show deductions: 70% of businesses experienced a decrease in cancellations and no-shows with a payment processor. All you need is to sign up for a Stripe account and integrate your Stripe account into your Yocale account. Voila! Fast, secure payments are in your near future.

Customize Calendar 

This feature keeps track and informs you of booking commitments, schedules and changes. Here are quick tips to help you customize your calendar.

You want to avoid as many discrepancies within your day-to-day commitments and client bookings as much as feasible. To achieve this, simply integrate your Google calendar within your online booking system.

Set Up Powerful Booking Gadgets

At Yocale, we have engineered a super cool (multi language) booking widget to establish your online booking system. A booking widget that supports multi-service, multi location booking volumes and can be directly synced to your website. We’ve generated the online widget booking code for you already, all you need to do is follow these steps.

Does Google know you exist? Enhance your online visibility and google searchability by providing multiple channels for consumers to book you online; The Google Reserve opportunity will help you immensely. Watch this 60 second clip to opportunize from the Google reserve button:

Client Management and Client Import

Statistically speaking, an online booking system with client relationships features delivers a positive impact on customer experiences and overall retention. Client management tools make it easy to track customer insights via individual client profiles so that personalized service and dynamic engagement is enhanced.

client relationship tools

For instance, 77% of consumers demand the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online is necessary and an online booking system can meet their demands.

You don’t need to do much within the client section to finalize your online booking system. If you need your client list imported, notify the customer service team to import all data and help with the onboarding process.

We are shocked to learn that 23% of clients don’t show up unless they are reminded about their upcoming appointment. An online booking system automates appointment reminders so you never lose out on (empty) appointment slots.

Create Electronic Forms for Fast Data Transfer

Paperless data collection is fast, secure and ethically responsible. With the drag and drop form builder, create any type of electronic notes based on the occasion such as covid intake forms, progress and follow up assessments, and even customer surveys!

Include relevant records and images (such as before and after photos) and attach directly to client records, all secured and encrypted on the cloud for easy access and security. Get started from your Yocale online booking profile, select Tools -> Business Tools -> Form Templates.

Be productive. Automate tasks

Wrapping it Up

At the end of the day, the success of your business is an important metric. If you decipher that wasted opportunity, missed appointments, and last-minute rescheduling will impact your business and customers, it’s time to monetize from an online booking system today.

Yocale offers all of the benefits we identified and more, giving significant competitive advantages in this growing marketplace. Book a free demo with Yocale’s software experts. They’re awesome.

See how Yocale’s online booking system improved bookings and internal reporting system for The Beauty Clinic, Shoppers Drug Mart.

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