Top 4 Mental Health Practice Management Software for Therapists

About 11% of the world’s population is suffering from mental health disorders, and many are left undiagnosed. 

As a behavioral and mental health therapist, you are most likely aware of the plethora of benefits a Mental Health Practice Management Software for therapists boosts. A healthcare or medspa practice management software will save you time and money inter alia deliver patients accessibility to therapy and teletherapy consultations all around the globe! Mental Health practitioners work hard to better the lives of their patients and in pursuit of this luminary cause, you deserve the top resources available.

So, what is the right mental health practice management software for your practice? A quick Google search and you are faced with an overabundance of options. But not to worry, this article will simplify your software search and help you chose the right practice management software to help you excel professionally within your mental health career. 

After extensive due diligence, we chose the following top 4 practice management softwares for managing your mental health practice:

  • Owl Practice Management Software
  • Yocale Practice Management Software
  • Jane Practice Management Software
  • Quenza Therapy Software

In addition, we will review the pricing model for each software. Let’s commence the diagnostic.

Mental Health Practice Management software

OWL Mental Health Practice Management Software

First on the list of the top 4 mental health software is Owl practice management Software. The main benefit of using Owl Practice is that the organization is partnered up with some of the top educators and institutions, such as the University of British Columbia. However, this partnership only benefits students who are graduating from a psychology or therapy program with that specific institution and are located in Canada.

Owl Practice Management Software is equipped with features suited to simplify and evolve the lives of therapists and mental health practitioners. OWL is also cloud-based and fully secured. Resources include:

  • Video Teletherapy
  • Scheduling
  • Clinical Records and EHR
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Client Portal and therapy notes

One major downfall of OWL practice management software is their customer service- you would need to send a message through their chat platform and their response rates are lacking. To support our due diligence, we contacted OWL’s customer service chat and received a delayed response past 15 minutes. Decipher you are having technical problems with the practice management software while checking out a patient and unable to receive support immediately. Owl’s customizable templates for creating electronic medical records are not as customizable as we hoped for as practitioners are not able to fully personalize them by inserting their logo in evaluation forms and intake forms.

However, our favorite feature of Owl’s practice management software is their sliding fee scale which allows therapists to pro-rate sessions based on duration. Flexible and simple!

Yocale Mental Health Practice Management Software

Second on our list for the top 4 mental health software is Yocale’s practice management software. We were mesmerized by the flexibility that Yocale offers to therapists and their patients. Yocale isn’t merely a cloud-based storage solution – it’s an all-in-one practice management software for your private practice and fully caters to therapy on the go to meet the needs of all types of mental health professionals. Yocale’s practice management software provides the following resources:

  • Video teletherapy
  • Scheduling and multilingual booking widget
  • Electronic records and customizable forms
  • Invoicing and billing with pre deposits
  • Patient Portal

Speaking of the patients portal, whether you’re a psychologist or mental health therapist, you likely spend countless hours assisting patients – time manifested in the form of documents, forms, and supplementary attachments. Wouldn’t it be clever to eliminate hours of manual work and instead transfer psychotherapy notes and supporting records digitally? With Yocale’s practice management software, therapists can take a photo of therapy notes and upload it to the patients’ files. You can add up to 5GB of images, videos, documents, and more.

Statistics show that a whopping 62% of data theft victims are small to mid-sized businesses and in the field of mental health, records contain sensitive and confidential information. Yocale’s cloud-based storage is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and uses the renowned AES 256 encryption standard, so you can rest assured knowing your records are in good hands.

We were most impressed with the prompt response time of Yocale’s customer service team. Unlike OWL, we received a reply within 3 seconds of sending a message via their chat portal. Furthermore, Yocale’s booking widget has the capability to filter out therapists based on rating, gender, and the specialty of the practitioner upon booking. This is highly valuable as it enhances the therapeutical relationships through matching the needs of the patient with the therapist upon booking.

To offer mental health professionals the lowest transactional rate available anywhere on the market, Yocale is introducing Yocale pay. Stay tuned!

Jane Mental Health Practice Management Software

Third on our list for the top 4 mental health software is Jane’s practice management software. The main benefit of using Jane is the softwares ability for insurance tracking and direct bill insurers feature. This opportunity reducing billing accuracies and results in fast insurance claim processing and compensation,- which benefits all parties involved. Other top resources offered by Jane include:

  • Video teletherapy
  • Scheduling
  • Clinical records
  • Invoicing and payments with direct billing
  • Client portal and therapy notes

Even though Jane has some impressive resources to manage your therapy practice, the software lacks a couple of basic necessities such as catering to multi-location practices. The inability to block off schedules if the second location is booked at the same time neglects proper management of multi-location practices. In addition, their customer support can take up to one week to be responsive to clients.

We do love that Jane provides mental health practitioners with a cloud-based, safe, secure, and paperless foundation for secure online record-keeping confidential data.

Quenza Therapy Software

Last on our list for the top 4 mental health software is Quenza’s cloud-based therapy software. Our favorite feature about Quenza therapy software is the capability to”craft your care”, otherwise known as craft therapy. Therapists can create and track automated and customizable care pathways and series of activities for their patients. This is an excellent cathartic strategy for patients with addiction or wanting to overcome mental health and behavioral issues.

Aside from craft your care tools, our verdict is that this therapy software lacks prominent metal health practice management features, particularly video conferencing teletherapy. Features that Quenza entails include:

  • Clinical records
  • Client portal with tracking and managing results
  • Multilingual client app
  • N/A – Invoicing and billing – coming in 2022
  • N/A Video Teletherapy – coming in 2022

Unlike the other 3 practice management softwares which offer a free trial version, Quenza requires a credit card in advance of having the opportunity to play around with the software.

Practice Management Software Pricing

Though some therapists pay top dollar for mental health softwares, you don’t always have to, well sometimes you might! To complete our due diligence, we compared the pricing model of the top 4 mental health softwares. The following price comparison illustrates similar packages and features for each mental health practice management software:

The Verdict

As a therapist emphasizing the mental wellbeing of your patients, the data and records you keep are crucial to understanding the concerns of patients. For that, we confirm that each practice management software we analyzed entails features and security measures to provide you with effective record keeping and monitoring of patient progress. Here are the final results for the top 4 mental health software researched:

  1. OWL: Suited for Canadian graduates pursuing behavioural health programs. Pricing: High $100/ month
  2. Jane: Suited for mental health therapists who require pro-rated sessions. Pricing: Excessive $369/ month
  3. Yocale: Suited for all mental health therapists that need all the comprehensive resources. Pricing: Lowest $80/month
  4. Quenza: Suited as a secondary software to empower clients with personalized care. Pricing: High $149/month

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