Want to Make Money? How to Start Your Mobile Business Today

The world is changing and the pandemic has accelerated this shift.

As shopping habits evolve from the physical world to desktop and mobile devices, many brands are in the red as adapting to the market was neglected.

Brand loyalty has also been effected due to the pandemic. A survey conducted by Shopkick shows that 85% of consumers feel brand loyalty is negligible during times of crisis. Convenience is more important:

Convenience, who doesn’t need it? We’ve experienced the phenomenon spread of mobile food trucks, which has escalated to mobile clothing boutiques, mobile spray tans, mobile pet grooming and even mobile cigar lounges. What does this tell us? It’s clear that consumers are shifting towards a a model of (service) providers coming to service them; Convenience. Eager to get a kick start before the market becomes saturated with mobile service offerings? Let’s get into it.

First, depending on where on the globe you reside, a mobile business license is required. Since you won’t have a physical store (making walk ins obsolete), it’s vital to offer online scheduling to be searchable to your target market. However, roaming will expose your network to potential clients that you can approach (that would not find you otherwise).

Using an all in one solution software like Yocale, you can take your business to the people! Features like setting up your location for onsite appointments, setting up by request bookings, and a progressive mobile application that systematically modifies to a plethora of tech devices is essential for your “on the go” operations. You can check Yocale’s therapy appointment software to see an example.

Being able to Screen your clients before meeting them and obtaining the required information related to their appointment will save you time and energy, inter alia.

But wait, we haven’t discussed the best part of operating a mobile business. Can you guess what it is? You guessed right,- exponential savings on overhead costs. Overhead expenses range from rent, utilities, administrative to wages. Unfortunately, these expenses are independent of revenue and must be paid whether the business is profiting or not.

For this reason and to adapt to the the future of shopping, many entrepreneurs are getting creative and using vans, trucks and recreational vehicles as their offices. It is essential to Cut cost, price right and find new opportunities.

Some money making mobile businesses that are trending right now include:

  • Personal care services (massage therapy, beauty services). Lashes anyone? Start your eyelash extention business today!
  • Professional services (consulting, accounting, computer repair)
  • Flower to go shops (my personal favorite)
  • Mobile car washes
  • Veterinary and pet grooming services
  • Food and preparation services

You have many questions to consider, I know.

Who are my mobile competitors and how are they marketing their services? What are some services that are high in demand? What is the competition charging for this service? Which cities or vicinity is most profitable to serve? Before you fully commit to any business, it is important to do your due diligence and scan your competition. Familiarize yourself with the legal aspect of starting a small business, as well.

A smart place to start is the checklist for small businesses where you can find a plethora of information in regards to business registration, reporting income, taxes and more.

In conclusion, whichever industry you decide to service make sure you ooze passion and drive for it. And remember, “Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation.” –Mahatma Gandhi

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