The Best Salon Appointment Books of the Year

Looking for the best salon appointment book for 2022?

Your appointment book is really the holy grail of your salon and a critical element to ensuring that you (and your staff) are organized and that your salon runs smoothly. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top reviewed appointment books.

The Top Reviewed Salon Appointment Books on Amazon

1- Appointment Book & Planner by Maalbok

Price: $34.95

With nearly twice as many reviews as the other appointment books on this list (a total of 4,196 reviews) and 4.6 stars, this appointment book by Maalbok is definitely the most purchased salon appointment book on Amazon. Many continue to repurchase it year after year.

This is what reviewers liked most about this planner: 

  • Appointments every 15 minutes
  • Space at the beginning to write your goals and to-do list 
  • Enough space to write everything you need to
  • The ability to see your entire week laid out across two pages
  • Appointment space on Saturday and Sunday
  • Durable 
  • Pretty to look at

Cons: Of course, it’s rare to find a product that will please everyone, and some found this appointment book to be on the thin side. On the other hand, some people also found that to be a positive because it’s lightweight.

2- 5 Column Undated Appointment Book by Portage

Price: $41.95

The next most purchased appointment book on Amazon is this 5 column, undated salon appointment book by Portage, coming in at 2,764 reviews and 4.6 stars.

Here’s what reviewers liked most about this appointment book:

  • Has columns 
  • Doesn’t take up too much space on your desk
  • Appointment space on Saturday and Sunday
  • Good quality

One reviewer who works at a salon had this to say: “I needed an appointment book with three columns and a diary/notebook – instead I got a 5 column book and use the right-hand two columns to track income during the day. This not only saves time changing books but also reception desk space. I also write stock sold (creams) so that I can immediately record the items I need to order. Brilliant item.”

Cons: On the other hand, the top negative review found this salon appointment book to be too big to fit into your bag. If you’re looking for a very mobile appointment book, this may not be the best option for you. This appointment book also came with a $16 return fee, so we suggest making sure that this appointment book is exactly what you’re looking for before purchasing.

3- Floral Watercolor Appointment Book for Salons, Spas, Hair Stylist and Beauty by Tim Star Beautiful 

Price: $7.97

The third most reviewed salon appointment book is this floral, watercolor appointment book by Tim Star Beautiful. It has 4.6 stars and 428 ratings in total. Many people continue to repurchase this one year after year as well.

It’s notably cheaper than the other options on this list. Here’s what Amazon reviewers liked most:

  • Budget-friendly
  • 15-minute increments
  • Nice layout (full week spread, daily columns)
  • Lots of space (but is more suited for a receptionist desk)
  • Generally good quality

Cons: You have to write your own days in this notebook, which is inconvenient for salons wanting to schedule ahead. Some also wished that it was a spiral-bound book.

4- 8 Columns Appointment Book for Salons by Mary W. Publishing

Price: $7.84

The next most reviewed appointment book is by Mary W. Publishing. It has 4.5 stars and 393 ratings in total and is the most affordable option on this list.

Here’s what reviewers liked most:

  • Affordable
  • Lists all days of the week + has a sidebar to write additional notes like your waitlist
  • 15-minute increments
  • Convenient size (standard notebook size)

Cons: You have to write your own dates. This appointment book also does not lay flat because it doesn’t have a spiral spine.

Moving Beyond the Paper-Based Salon Appointment Book: Why More Salons Are Taking Their Appointment Book Online

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Price: Free!

While many salons continue to use paper-based salon appointment books, it’s becoming increasingly more rare. This is true whether you work in a traditional salon, barbershop, nail salon or any other type of beauty-based business.

If you check most salons in your area, you’ll see the vast majority have a “Book Online” option on their website, like the one below:


Here’s why more salons and barbershops are taking ditching their paper appointment books, but you can find the highlights below:

  • Reduces scheduling and front-desk time by up to seven hours every week
  • Keeps your salon open 24/7 (this translates to up to 43% more bookings; if you add a Book Online button to your Google My Business listing, this can lead to up to 64% new bookings)
  • Sends automated appointment reminders, reducing no-shows by up to 86%
  • Sends automated rebooking reminders so clients visit more regularly
  • Provides a higher level of customer service by catering to all types of customers (for instance, not only those who prefer to talk on the phone but also those who prefer self service options)
  • Provides data about your clients and salon/barbershop, such as where your bookings are coming from, your most popular services and so on
  • Ability to present forms (consultation, COVID-related, waivers) and for clients to attach pictures at the time, which translates to having a better sense of how long services will actually take because you’ll have a better sense of clients’ current hair type and hair history. You’ll also be able to provide a better overall consultation because you won’t have to rush through this process as you’ve collected information in advance.

Many scheduling and online booking software solutions also come with added functionality that can also help your salon or barbershop. For instance, a client relationship management (CRM) allows you to see the entire client journey, including number of no-shows, booking revenue and so on, as well as store notes about each client, such as color codes and so on. 

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You can also accept payments with scheduling and online booking software, including the option to save cards on file. This means you can get paid faster while also protecting your business from no-shows.

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Wrapping it Up

You’ll find some of the best salon appointment books on this list. But as more salons and barbershops move to digital appointment books, it’s something you may want to consider, too.

In the end, you’ll see a fuller schedule, more time and a more organized salon.

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