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Google Calendar

Using Google Calendar For Business

Online calendars are the most common way to keep all of your appointments and reminders in one, safe, and accessible place.

Google Calendar is one of the leading platforms for online calendars and used by many people, each and every day on their smartphones and personal computers.

Most often, your personal calendar needs to integrate with your business calendar to ensure you don’t overlap your schedule or miss any important moments in your life.  If you are already using the free Google calendar on your phone to manage your life, adapting to a business management software that allows you to integrate your business appointments and events right into your calendar, will make your life a whole lot easier! Today, we’ll show you three great examples of how to do just that.

Sync Your Online Appointment Calendar

Online appointment bookings have taken off in recent years, as they provide a way to take control of your time, and giving some of that lost time back to you.

You see, when you use an online scheduler, you allow people to go to your website or public profile and book an appointment with you on their time, and from anywhere.

You no longer have to go back and forth with them on when works better. The best part of all is that now you can link up your online booking software to automatically sync to your google calendar, so you always have your appointments set for however you check your calendar.

Manage Staff Time

Managing a big staff is no easy task. With Google Calendar, you can capture the basics of your staff schedules, which works for scheduling holidays etc. but if you want to schedule staff appointments and keep detailed records of their work, you need to integrate their calendars into a detailed work management system that allows you to capture all their work information in one place.  This makes payroll, scheduling and forecasting much easier.  Using a staff scheduling system that allows your staff to sync their work schedules with their personal calendars also gives you the comfort, knowing they won’t miss an important work shift!

Calendar For Your Website

Google Calendar integrates onto your company’s website for public viewing if you want to showcase your events.  When you install it onto your site, its flexibility in the fact that it allows you to embed it in HTML makes it quick to get started right away.  If you’re offering meetings or appointments to the public, you’ll probably want to integrate a more in-depth appointment management tool in order to allow your clients to give you information their information and then qualify themselves before confirming a spot on your calendar.  When you offer online booking, it’s important to have your calendar completely accurate with your current availability as well as clearly define when and who can book your time so you maintain control of your schedule.

When you take advantage of all that the free Google Calendar has to offer, you quickly see that its role for your business is to help you and your staff integrate your personal calendars with your business schedule because at the end of the day, we all need to manage both to increase productivity and maintain balance.

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