5 Savvy Techniques To Boost Marketing For Your Chiropractic Business

5 Savvy Techniques To Boost Marketing For Your Chiropractic Business

So, you run a chiropractic business, but how do you market it online? Savvy things like Instagram filters, videos, and Pinterest Boards aren’t meant for the seemingly basic world of chiropractors…

Or are they?

If you’re running a business that provides a service, then using creative mediums to communicate with your customers is imperative to growth. To actually engage users, they need to be more than just a number or another customer to you; they need to be involved in your community, to be involved in your business from a user standpoint. There are many tools and techniques you can use to help create this experience when you market to your current and potential customers.

1. Posting Videos On Facebook

Let’s start with the basics. As a business page, there’s a chance that your content might not even show up on your users’ Facebook timelines. After that, what’s the chance that they even take the time to stop scrolling through their feed and read your post? And after that, what’s the chance they will actually engage with your post (click, like, comment, and share)?

It’s hard to get people’s attention with just a simple text post. Videos are an excellent way to share compelling, eye-catching content, and invite your users to interact with you. If you were to check the Facebook Insights on your business’ page (or even your personal page) you would probably find one thing in common: the posts with the most engagement are the ones that come with some sort of visuals—pictures, video, and anything that makes a simple piece of text more attractive.

Facebook Marketing

Remember that most people don’t listen to videos on Facebook, as they are automatically muted until they’re clicked; so make sure to add subtitles so users can be clued into what your content is about.

2. Email Marketing

This is an obvious one, and very ideal for targeting your repeat customer. Using software such as Mailchimp to marketing to your users allows you to create newsletters, and send content to “lists” according to how you group your customers. This means that you can frame more meaningful content for groups of users, helping them to feel better served.

Sending emails and newsletters help you clue in customers to specials or deals, new changes and generally helps you keep them up to date on what’s coming up for your business.

Note that this technique is titled email marketing, not spam. It is important than when you have an email list, you schedule newsletters and updates sparingly so your readers don’t feel spammed. Otherwise, they’ll hit that unsubscribe button.

3. Rebooking Reminders

Another tool geared towards reeling in that repeat customer is rebooking reminders. This helps increase the lifetime value of a client by turning a one-off customer into a regular one.

By sending a rebooking reminder every couple of months, you can remind customers to rebook with you after their last appointment.

The reason why you don’t currently have repeat customers might not necessarily boil down to bad service or a bad experience; some people just need that extra push. If you can send them a rebooking reminder, it takes away all the extra work of searching and have to rebook manually; all the user has to do is say yes.

4. A YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel allows your business to become that much more creative with marketing, going above your standard landing page and Twitter channel. If you find yourself posting more than just the occasional video on Facebook, you might consider having a full YouTube channel to curate your content and have another platform that users can discover you on.

Have A YouTube Channel

You might also consider having a series of video blogs (vlogs) or daily “behind the scenes” vlogs of the workplace. This gives users a real sense of what your organization is like, the workplace culture, and helps them to be more included in your community. If customers can identify and align with you regarding values, they are more likely to be regular users of your service.

5. Have A Blog

Google loves sites with fresh content, which means if your site has a regularly updated blog, you will be awarded more search engine traffic among other things.

More importantly, having a blog enables you to provide extra information and help educate your customers. By providing this additional information to them, they can better understand the value of the service you offer, meaning they are more likely to invest in it.

Don’t forget that with these tools, you can cross-reference across your platforms; meaning that if you send out a newsletter, you can notify your readers of a new blog post, etc. Whether users happen to land on your Youtube Channel or are reading a newsletter, you can provide them with a link that leads them to your landing page, driving more and more traffic to your website and leading to more business opportunities for you.

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