Celebrate Earth by Building Sustainability in your Med Spa via Electronic Forms

In the past 40 years, global paper usage has increased by 400%

Today, consumers are voting with their dollars — toward sustainable businesses. 

In fact, research shows that 88% of customers want you to help them make a difference and adapt toward ethical, sustainable practices. 

Whether your medical spa is large or small, it’s important to re-evaluate your paper consumption and consider how it impacts the environment and your bottom line.

To create a sustainable business (and build strong client relationships), medical spa software with electronic forms is prominent; Automatic data collection has been paramount in drifting away from manual data entry and into more sustainable methods. 

Just as a simple switch to paperless billing has decreased our carbon footprint, there are ways to incorporate strategies in your beauty business to achieve sustainability. 

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As we celebrate our beautiful earth, we want to offer you a sustainable, new strategy.

The Effect of Paper Production on the Environment

Did you know that 160,000 trees are cut daily with the majority of the trees used for the paper industry? Since deforestation reduces oxygen and increases carbon dioxide, paper usage has a causal sequence. Currently, paper production volumes exceed 300 million metric tons annually in order to meet global demands. (With all the electronic opportunities today, this is abysmal.)

For instance, printing and writing take second place of the total global usage:

Source: tonerbuzz

Unfortunately, we can’t control global consumption but we can apply sustainable changes within our own lives. Let’s decipher the paper usage associated with record keeping for a typical med spa based on five clients a day, 6 days a week. With 2 sheets per client, over 2600 sheets can pile up, double that with folders and you get 5200 sheets of wasted paper per year. (Keep in mind, this estimate is based on a one-person operation and excludes any other medical aestheticians that may work for you.)

Here is another thought; If you are not offering online scheduling you are most likely using pen and paper to schedule appointments, manually. That includes an additional sheet of paper per day – about another 300 sheets per year added to the pile.  

Paper costs money, can be impacted by natural disasters, gets misplaced, lost, and raises privacy and safety concerns. 

So, What is a Simple and Sustainable Solution?

Do you want to achieve sustainability and avoid disappointing the 88% of customers that demand eco-friendly practices? If so, your business should integrate with a medical beauty and spa management software with client management (CRM) and form building capabilities. 

So what exactly is a form builder? It’s an easy solution to transform your med spa from physical to digital. A software with custom form building capabilities allows you to create (and securely store) surveys and client forms – basically any information you need is gathered electronically and can be shared with clients, staff, and other beauty professionals. 

A quick Google search and you are faced with a plethora of business management software and form template builders; it is crucial to select the right software offering flexible, client data collection. 

In the next segment, we’ve crafted the top most effective uses of digital forms. Evolving into a sustainable business never looked so good. 

3 Benefits of Using Digital Forms in Your Medical Spa 

Digital processes create a sustainable image and assist you in capturing customer insights. First, let’s summarize the variety of forms any med spa or beauty salon should be using:

  • New client welcome forms
  • Consent forms 
  • Covid-19 assessment forms 
  • Spa consultation forms
  • Session/treatment forms
  • Post appointment and follow-up forms
  • Before and after photos and progress
  • Surveys and questionnaires (for internal or external use)

There are independent tools available to help you create your forms digitally, but a software like Yocale has built in capability to integrate forms as part of your day to day workflow. For instance, incorporating forms as part of your online scheduling requirements or as part of your client management to help you understand your clients’ needs, best.

You and your team of aestheticians can build any type of form (no coding experience needed) to gather any type of data you need. 

Let’s delve into it. 

More Personalized Customer Service

When client details are digitally captured and securely stored in the client’s file online, you have the opportunity to reference their appointment history, past procedures, and goals better from the palm of your hand. 

Instead of demanding clients to handwrite all their personal details, clients can complete their check-in process digitally and fulfill intake forms or spa consultation forms directly from their mobile phones during online scheduling. This information gets automatically saved to the client’s digital file for you and your staff to easily reference. Think about it – the more precise your procedure to capture client details in relation to their appointments, the better you can document the progress of aesthetic procedures and even improve the safety of beauty procedures.

Open Communication And Feedback 

As a business owner, you know your clients should be your top priority. In fact, businesses that put their customers first are 60% more profitable than their less customer-concentric counterparts. If you want optimum marketing results with the ability to provide excellent service, we recommend using digital forms to acquire customer feedback. 

Text Customers Immediately After Their Service

Create surveys to text or email clients right after their beauty appointment is done. This allows for authentic feedback in real time, as well as the opportunity to immediately respond to clients with unsatisfactory experiences. What gets measured gets improved.

Feedback and surveys don’t have to be limited to service based appointments. Create online surveys to capture insights on your newsletter, feedback for your website, or to understand the demand for that particular brand you’ve been wanting to add to your beauty line offering. 

Money Tip: Provide incentives for survey participation. 

Receive Insights and Feedback from Staff 

Create digital surveys for better internal communication and to promote open (and or confidential) communication within your business culture. Depending on what you like to achieve, here are a few types of surveys for internal uses: 

  • Opinion survey: a type of survey used to gather the opinions of employees regarding specific issues. 
  • Satisfaction survey: a type of survey used periodically to assess the overall level of satisfaction of employees. 
  • Evaluation survey: a specific type of survey designed to assess employee productivity and their value to the company. 
  • Engagement survey: measures the level of dedication and investment employees feel for their work.
  • Exit interview: feedback from existing employees gathered to improve employee retention.

Here is everything you should know about creating digital forms the right way for internal use.

In the next section, we will illustrate how easy it is to create a wide range of forms, electronically.

Example of a User-friendly, Easy-to-use Electronic Form Builder

Yocale’s flexible form builder helps achieve a sustainable medical spa business and create digital (and mobile) forms tailored to fit your particular data collection needs. 

While I have you here, let’s summarize the elements of the drag and drop form builder. You have the option to drag and drop the following components and start creating your forms:

Design Elements

  • Within the design elements, you can add a video, image, text, header, divider, and spacer to make your forms beautifully functional. 

Input Elements 

  • Within Input Elements, you can build the format and functionality of your forms. For instance, would you like to include a multiple-choice section or single questions? Long or short text answers? You can as well include a signature and attach documents here.

Lookup Elements

  • Within the lookup elements, you can build on the client’s preliminary information. Tip: If you have saved a client’s details in their profile, their preliminary information will be automatically populated!

Annotate On (Before and After) Images 

  • Upload clients’ before and after photos and annotate on them using notes, pin area, or use the highlighting annotation features. Watch the sophisticated annotations tool in action!

Click here for a step-by-step guide on building your electronic forms.  

Rest assured, your data is protected and secured. Your forms will be highly secured and Compliant.

Sustainability Never Felt so Good 

Technology helps you evolve into a sustainable med spa, automate tasks, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. If you want to shift away from manual data entry and into sustainable processes, a medical spa management software with an integrated drag and drop form builder is your solution.

Use digital data collection and avoid printing, faxing, manual labor, and physical storage (while excelling at customer service, too). 

Create sustainability and efficiency in your med spa with electronic forms.

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