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Why You Need Online Booking for Your Mobile Massage Therapy Services

mobile massage therapy online booking

If you’re setting up a Mobile Massage Therapy business in a new location or city, it’s really important to consider how new clients will find you and book you.  One important fact to remember is that you can’t answer your phone while giving treatments and most people will only try once or twice to contact you before giving up and booking with someone else. It’s imperative that you look at ways for new and existing clients to be able to book appointments with you at any time, and on any device.

There are many online booking systems for appointments but as a mobile massage therapist, it’s important to find one with a specific setting for accepting location-based bookings for mobile treatments.  If you’re offering your appointments online, you need to be able to set the areas that you can service (travel costs time and money!) to avoid having to cancel bookings or have to answer multiple location questions via phone, finding a system that does that screening for you (ie: only lets customers within your travel range book appointments) makes life a lot easier for you.

With Yocale, your online booking becomes a professional website listing (that you could use as your website if you don’t already have one). Yocale’s mental health scheduling software is an example. During your account setup, you enter your home base on a map and then you set your distance range that you are planning to service.

When people come to your site to book an appointment, they input their address and then can only book if they are in your area, and you confirm their appointment.  This is a huge time saver, as with regular appointment booking software, you would need to check addresses, confirm location and confirm your travel time – now you can do that all in one step.

Another benefit of Yocale’s online booking software is that it’s all cloud-based safety encrypted so you can keep all your treatment notes attached to your client database, can send email receipts and have your treatments available right in your phone calendar.

For marketing your business in the entire area you are servicing, instead of cheesy craigslist ad’s, Yocale’s appointment booking site will get you in front of thousands of local customers who are already online booking their other appointments (medical, chiropractor, hair etc) so you’ll be in a prime place for them to book you too.

One last feature of Yocale worth mentioning is that the software automates the process of asking your clients for reviews.  When you close an appointment, the system sends an email receipt, a quick ask, and a link to give a review is right there – this helps you build an online reputation and believe it or not, online reviews are some of the highest value content when it comes to google standing.

If you’re looking for an option to simplify the booking process for a mobile massage business, this may be the perfect fit.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m just starting out with my mobile massage business and definitely feel like I’m missing on business when I’m getting calls while giving a massage. Will take a look at your software to see whether it is a good fit. Thanks Derk