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This is Why BC RMT’s Need to Switch to Electronic Treatment Notes

As many BC Massage Therapists are aware, the BCRMT Bylaws (in accordance with the new BC Limitation Act) require registrants to keep their records for 17 years.
17 years of client files is a lot of paper. And a lot of trees,- Up tp 160,000 trees are cut on a daily average with an astonishing percentage used for the paper industry. 
My imagination started running wild on this, so I did a quick calculation with an average therapist who sees 5 clients a day, 5 days a week.  With 2 sheets per client per treatment, that makes a pile of over 40,000 sheets, double that with insurance forms, and double it again for folders. That’s ~120,000 sheets of paper = 1200 – 1500 lbs, 110 meters cubed, which would fill a 4000 cubic foot storage unit, costing about $280/month to take care of.
Not to mention, privacy and safety concerns that they’re now responsible for. Paper forms cause delays, misuse staff time and contribute to billing inaccuracies, inter alia. 
That’s a lot of trees and secured storage space.  {1 tonne of paper = 24 trees}
Maybe it’s time to switch to a client management system that includes the ability to keep your treatment notes attached right to your client records, all secured, encrypted on the cloud (with online booking included – that will limit the phone calls and paper needed there too!).
17 years of data can weight as much as a feather, and we can all breathe a little easier! With e- forms, digital examination for RMT’s, chiropractors and physiotherapists are enhanced due to its annotation capabilities. With the right data collection tool,- productivity, accuracy and client relationships can be improved.  Watch the drag and drop form builder in action. Switch to electronic forms and contribute to a better planet. 
Licensed massage therapists can zoom, pin and collaborate on images for enhanced reporting and progress tracking. With the right data collection tool productivity, accuracy and client relationships can be improved.  
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