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Use Powerful Email Marketing In Your Reiki Clinic

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You might not realize it, but much like each of your clients, your Reiki business has an energy of its own.

This energy flows throughout every facet and component of your Reiki clinic – from your staff to your interior design and of course, your treatment. And ultimately, this energy is largely responsible for how your clients respond to your business.

From the moment your clients walk in, to the moment they leave, sustaining and building your business depends on this very energy. Business types might refer to the energy of your business with terms like customer trust or customer satisfaction, but in actuality, the true energy of your business encompasses much, much more.

Your customers can feel this energy when they step foot within your clinic and immerse themselves in your waiting area. Your customers can feel this energy when they interact with your warm, cordial staff and any uncertainties they may have harboured are put quietly to rest.

However, sometimes the energy of one’s business can become stifled or lessened. Perhaps this happens when a long-time customer-favourite staff member departs, or when profits begin to decline, creating tension and anxiety.

Truthfully, any number of factors or circumstances can change or lower the energy of your business – and the odds are that your customers can detect these variations, too.

Thankfully, there are many ways to restore and revitalize the “buzz” behind your Reiki clinic. Sometimes, all it takes is a little friendly correspondence, and with Yocale’s Email Marketing features, the process has never been more straightforward.

Yocale allows you to rekindle your client relationships and recapture their attention by sending personalized emails quickly and efficiently. Customize your emails to match your clinic’s style and voice, and save time along the way with Yocale’s full email automation.

Reinvigorate your Reiki practice with Yocale – here’s how it works!

Encourage Your Clients To Rebook With Personalized Emails

Your clients most likely lead busy lives, which can lead them to forget about rebooking with you, even if they loved your services previously.

As such, many Reiki clinics and businesses depend on email marketing to build their audiences and strengthen their existing client relationships. When used strategically, email marketing can create more visibility for your Reiki services and put you at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

However, not all marketing emails are created equally. A generally high volume of email makes the average person’s inbox a hyper-competitive space, and as such, personalized marketing emails tend to fare much better than your average static email content.


Well, personalized marketing emails make customers feel special. By displaying compassion and concern, a personalized email can grab the attention of your audience right from the subject line by appealing to who they are.

And when your customers feel that you care about their wellbeing, you can bet that they’ll be more likely to stop by for a session!

With Yocale, you can choose to send your clients a wide variety of personalized emails, including time-specific emails like “We Miss You!” and “Happy Birthday!” Yocale automatically inserts the names of your clients when appropriate, and each email is automatically sent depending on your preferences.

Our Full HTML editor lets you customize emails to your liking, too, so you can stylize each and create templates for re-use that represent your Reiki clinic as-is. Add your logo, change your email’s colours – the options are endless!

Create, Edit, And Send Customized Email Campaigns In Minutes

Have you ever taken the time to write a large quantity of holiday greeting cards? If you have, you’d probably recall the experience as a being laborious one.

For the recipient, getting a card in the mail with a hand-written message is generally heart-warming and endearing. But for the sender, the process of creating these cards and personalizing each can be painstaking and lengthy.

You could send an identical, static letter to each of your recipients – that temptation usually exists because it saves time. However, we all know the experience of receiving a static letter pales in comparison to receiving one that you know has been personalized and written with you, the recipient, in mind.

Email marketing works in a similar fashion. Personalized email marketing is a great way to win over the hearts of your clients – but only if you approach it with efficiency in mind.

And that’s where Yocale comes in! Yocale’s Email Marketing features make the process of both creating and sending your marketing emails a breeze – so you can build stronger bonds with your clients without running the clock.

Any time you create an email campaign with Yocale, you can selectively specify the recipients with our clever recipient criteria feature. Perhaps you want to get in touch exclusively with your clients who booked last year, or only your clients that have upcoming bookings instead.

Currently, Yocale allows you to custom-select your email recipients with the following options:

  • All clients
  • Clients with upcoming bookings during a custom timeframe
  • Clients with upcoming birthdays during a custom timeframe
  • Clients who booked previously during a specific window of time

Beyond this, you can narrow your target audience even further by opting to send your emails to clients who booked specific services. Whatever your email marketing goals are – Yocale can help you score! You may further personalize your templates and customize your emails.

The Bottom Line

As a Reiki clinic, your customers depend on you to restore their vitality and vigour. However, in turn, your business relies on your customers, and subsequently, your relationship with each of them.

With the help of Yocale’s email marketing, you can forge stronger connections with your clients and strengthen existing ones. Revitalize and rejuvenate your Reiki practice with Yocale – get started today for FREE!

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